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2012 Outstanding Emerging Scholars
Published: 02 Mar 2012
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WMS outstanding emerging researchers for 2011 Dr Peter Sun (left) and Dr Michael Cameron (right) with Dean Professor Frank Scrimgeour.

Two academics, one an economist who is researching the impacts of liquor outlets and the other an expert in transformational leadership have been named outstanding emerging scholars at Waikato University Management School (WMS).

Population and health economist Dr Michael Cameron works with the Institute of Business Research at WMS and has recently been working with the Alcohol Advisory Council researching the impacts on communities of liquor stores. He has also studied wellbeing and ageing, and the economics of HIV/AIDS in developing countries. He consults to a wide range of local and regional authorities, district health boards, government departments and non-government organisations.

“It’s great to receive this Dean’s award. It recognises the value that economic analysis can bring to a wide range of research questions in public health and population, and that our research can influence law and policy and ultimately make a difference in our communities. Conducting research is all very well, but I believe that research really needs to lead to meaningful change to improve people’s lives.”

Dr Peter Sun is the Associate Dean Enterprise and is responsible for the Corporate and Executive Education at WMS. His speciality is leadership. Before coming to academia, Peter worked in a number of high profile organisations, particularly in Sri Lanka and India. His background is mechanical and industrial engineering but he subsequently moved into knowledge management, organisational learning and transformational and servant leadership and has consultanted widely in this area.

He’s interested in how leaders’ behaviour influences learning and knowledge management within organisations.

“My research journey started with organisational learning, then it progressed toward leadership influencing organisational processes and structures, followed by behavioural leadership, and now I find myself on a metaphysical leadership level, a spiritual aspect. It’s good to be able to share my research with practitioners – and working in executive education provides a great opportunity to do that.”

The researchers receive $2500 each to put towards research.

Communication lecturer Michele Schoenberger-Orgad received the 2011 outstanding teaching award at WMS and Michele Redinger from Management Systems won an award for administration.