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Management Communication


Why choose Management Communication?

Leading is an integral part of everyday life in families, social groups, and sports teams and plays an essential role in governments, major organisations, and politics. Communication is central to organisational life and leadership; even if you are not in a formal leadership positions, you may be involved in collaborative leadership, and in unexpected crises new leaders often emerge.

The best leaders and managers are great communicators. Research shows that outstanding communicators go further and faster in their careers; they have the people skills that you will gain in this major.

This major should be your first choice if you are interested in creating a values-based vision for 21st century business and society. It is also an excellent second major and gives you the knowledge and skills to make you a better marketer, accountant, or whatever your chosen profession may be.

It is proposed that the Management Communication major will be renamed to Leadership Communication, but at the time of printing this was still subject to University approval processes. Once approved the online information will be updated so make sure you check it out at


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