Programme Planning

Planning your programme effectively, especially with the help of Management Student Centre (MSC) staff, will help to ensure that you meet all the requirements for your qualification and/or subject. You can also talk to departmental Undergraduate and Graduate Convenors who can provide you with expert advice about your chosen subject area - see the contact link on the left for further information.

MSC's Contact Details
Phone:+64 7 838 4303

Planning your programme includes choosing appropriate papers. You complete your qualification and subject by passing these papers and some will be compulsory and some you will be able to choose. A paper is similar to a subject at secondary school and is delivered through lectures, tutorials, or perhaps online. Some papers have prerequisites (entry requirements, for example a certain level of study at NCEA, or another university paper that ensures you have a level of understanding to participate), corequisites (a paper that you must take at the same time as the one you are enrolling in) and/or restrictions (only one of the restricted papers can be taken), and careful programme planning is advised.

For more information about papers use the links on the left: "Paper Details" will show you all the papers available this year and includes paper descriptions, semester, convenor, prerequisites and more; you can also check out the "Available Papers" link that shows you the papers that you can count towards your major or subject for your programme of study.

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