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Chris Ryan at the G20 1st East-West Dialogue on Tourism and the Chinese Dream

28 Nov 2014

Getting ready for an exchange with Deanna Morse

In A Semester next year, Deanna is embarking on a student exchange to Maastricht in the Netherlands. We wanted to talk to her about what it takes to make this happen.
27 Nov 2014

Student Ambassador: Gina Milicich

Gina is currently completing the third year of her Bachelor of Management Studies majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain. Coming to university straight from Melville High School, Gina came to Waikato because it’s close to home and full of friendly people.
25 Nov 2014

Student Ambassador: Genevieve Pye

After finishing at Sacred Heart College, Genevieve came to Waikato to study a Bachelor of Management Studies majoring in Accounting and Strategy. Now in her third year, Genevieve initially thought the BMS degree to be the right fit for her because she loves the organisational and structured side of business, and she is one of those lucky people who love numbers.
25 Nov 2014

Student Ambassador: Deanna Morse

“Waikato is super friendly, relaxed, close to beaches, has good food, a beautiful campus, tonnes of degree options and flexibility, inspiring tutors and lecturers, and internationally well respected and recognised education” says Deanna, a proud first year and now one of the Waikato Management School’s Student Ambassador
25 Nov 2014

Student Ambassador: Cherie Chan

Cherie is in the third year of her Bachelor of Business Analysis majoring in “the hardest and numerical subject, accounting!” she says. Cherie went to Sacred Heart Girl’s College, in Hamilton and chose to come to the Waikato Management School because she is one of those lucky people who love numbers.
25 Nov 2014

Student Ambassador: Camilla Holmes

As student ambassador, Camilla wants to advocate the great student culture and atmosphere of the university that she has loved being a part of for the last three years. Camilla was unsure what to do for university but chose to come to Waikato because of its highly valued business management degree and the Maori focus in law.
25 Nov 2014

Student Ambassador: Braden Kempthorne

Hamilton boy, Braden is going into the fourth year of his Bachelor of Management Studies majoring in Strategic Management with Honours. When talking about his decision to come to Waikato, Braden says originally he wanted to be an accountant.
25 Nov 2014

Student Ambassador: Alice Kennedy

Alice went to Sacred Heart Girl’s College in Hamilton so she did not have to move far to study. When asked what she likes about university, Alice says, “the freedom to take charge of your own learning! But also meeting new people, making friends, and developing connections that will help to take me places in the future. And I can’t forget to mention the good sushi, pita pit, and cake from momento- yum.”
25 Nov 2014

Student Ambassador: Alex Dudley

Whakatane High School student, Alex came to Waikato because it is the only university that offers a non-media oriented Bachelor of Communication Studies. Alex is now in the second year of her degree majoring in Management Communication and Marketing with a specialisation in Events.
25 Nov 2014
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