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Tourism Staff from Beijing Union University visit WMS

A group of four staff from Beijing Union University (BUU) visited the School last Friday, 24th October.
30 Oct 2014

Waikato Graduate's Up and Coming Business

WMS Graduate Rebecca Hilliar is now the proud owner and manager of her own business Social Drive.
29 Oct 2014

Kayla Liddington is the new President of Waikato Social Innovation

Kayla Liddington is now President of Social Innovation Waikato, an organisation working to create positive sustainable change in the community.
23 Oct 2014

Graduation Claudelands

22 Oct 2014

Lancaster Student Exchange with Melissa Wood

Melissa finished her Bachelor of Communications at Lancaster University in England. Read her experiences here.
22 Oct 2014

2014-09-29: Email tip – organising meetings

2014-09-29: Email tip – organising meetings
21 Oct 2014

Waikato Entrepreneurs grateful for Internship Programme

Young Entrepreneurs: Timoti Daymond and Geoff Davies have formed business development company Tian & Davies Ltd.
21 Oct 2014

Graduation Marae

Te Kohinga Marama Marae from 9.30am
21 Oct 2014

Gina Milicich on 391

When quizzing students about their expectations for BMS capstone paper, STMG391, with Super Friday this week, Gina Milicich said, “I expected it to be a lot of late nights, junk food, brainstorming sessions and TEAMWORK!!” and that has pretty much how it has been.

This paper provides the opportunity to bring the skills and theory learnt in other papers to produce a solid strategy, and also not to forget the great HR skills that come in handy in the team situations.

20 Oct 2014

Controversial messages encourage students to vote

Putting confrontational political messages in front of students and asking them to respond turned out to be a winning idea for a group of Waikato Management School Public Relations students. They were taking part in the annual Chesterman Group PR Campaigns competition, where teams have to develop a multi-faceted PR strategy for a particular organisation. This year’s client was the Electoral Commission, and the Loud & Counted group’s campaign used social media platforms and face-to-face communication to encourage young people to get out and vote.
20 Oct 2014
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