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Tourism Department Cruises to New Horizons

Recently the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management hosted P&O Carnival Cruise Director, Mr Ken Flavell, as a Professor for the Day.
15 Apr 2014

Assoc Prof Anne Zahra to speak at International Conference

Department Of Tourism & Hospitality Management staff member Assoc Prof Anne Zahra will speak at the "Development & Sustainability: Care in Daily Life" conference in Columbia in December
09 Apr 2014

Winners of Alumni Excellence Awards for 2014

Waikato Management School students, Michaela Barker, Fabienne Pislor and Harsimran Mahal were the recipients of this year’s Alumni Association Prizes for Excellence.
08 Apr 2014

Finance Minister fronts Integrated Data Roadshow

Changes in the way official data can be accessed by researchers was the subject of the well-attended Integrated Data Infrastructure roadshow that pulled into the University’s ELT on 2 April.
07 Apr 2014

2014-02-03: paper outlines, Email etiquette

2014-02-03: paper outlines, Email etiquette
04 Apr 2014

2014-02-17: PGS online, Email etiquette

2014-02-17: PGS online, Email etiquette
03 Apr 2014

Students Present New Ventures to Business Leaders

An impressive display of new business ventures were showcased to a panel of industry leaders at the Waikato Management School’s Dragon’s Den event on Saturday 29 March.
01 Apr 2014

WMS Tongan Student Receives MFAT Scholarship

The future is looking bright for 18-year old University of Waikato Tongan student, Amelia Faotusia, who has been awarded the New Zealand Development Pacific Scholarship for Highest Academic Achiever in 2013 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).
27 Mar 2014

A bypass for Everest: Nepal seeks to lure climbers to alternative mountains

Himalayan peaks could be leased to private tourism companies in an attempt to ease increasing congestion on Mount Everest, officials in Nepal have said.
25 Mar 2014

Cruise Expert Ken Flavell as "Professor for a Day

Have you ever wondered what life on a cruise ship is like? Visiting Cruise Expert Mr Ken Flavell will give two Guest Lectures on Thursday 27th March 2014
25 Mar 2014
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