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MBM Student Selected for Student Voice 2014

Scavenger hunts, hamburger making and Pavlova decorating, were just some of the fun activities MBM student, Yvonne Yin, experienced when she took part in the third annual Student Voice held by Education New Zealand in Wellington, earlier this month.
23 Jul 2014

Organisations Working Together to Build Stronger Communities

Community organisations will come face to face with influential business leaders in a bid to raise awareness around current social issues within the Waikato at an exclusive function this month.
08 Jul 2014

2014-06-23: 2015 paper descriptions, Semester B paper outlines

2014-06-23: 2015 paper descriptions, Semester B paper outlines
04 Jul 2014

The Warehouse Story: Rise and Fall and Strategy to Rise Again

Hear from Mark Powell, Group CEO of the Warehouse Group, at the next Excellence in Practice Series hosted by Waikato Management School's Centre for Corporate and Executive Education.
02 Jul 2014

WMS Proud to Sponsor SBN Awards 2014

Waikato Management School is proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 NZI Sustainable Business Network (SBN) Awards, the pre-eminent and longest-standing sustainability awards in New Zealand.
02 Jul 2014

Student email alias shutdown – 5 July 2014

From Saturday 5 July 2014 the University is removing the alias for all University-supplied student email addresses.
01 Jul 2014

My Father was a Race Alien: Globalisation and Immigration in New Zealand

Living in multi-cultural New Zealand today, it’s hard to imagine what life was like for those who came here from non-European countries during the 20th century and were classified as ‘race aliens’.
23 Jun 2014

Businesses Benefit from Online Hub

Recognising the importance of small businesses to New Zealand’s economic growth, employment and productivity, University of Waikato’s Professor Delwyn Clark has been involved with the development of an online research Hub on small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
23 Jun 2014

Sights set for Cambodia

Seven Waikato Management School students have been invited to attend the University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in August.
18 Jun 2014

2014-06-09: Paper Appraisals, Google Scholar, Office 365 update

2014-06-09: Paper Appraisals, Google Scholar, Office 365 update
14 Jun 2014
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