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Blues Awards Sportsman of the Year: Sam Shergold

Surf Life Saver Sam Shergold took out the Blues Awards Sportsman of the Year. Read more here.
21 Nov 2014

Intern to Marketing Manager: Rachel Leinhardt

Waikato graduate, Rachel Leinhardt is the Marketing Manager for Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland. A position she would not have got if she had not interned there during her degree.
13 Nov 2014

From MCSA to PRINZ with Chelsea Came

Graduate, Chelsea is now a Communication Advisor for PRINZ. Read more about her experience at Waikato.
12 Nov 2014

T Semester

Summer School papers give you the opportunity to accelerate the completion of your qualifications and build extra strengths into your programme
10 Nov 2014

Eru West is Te Puia's Marketing Manager

Waikato student Eru West is putting his studies into practice as the marketing manager for Rotorua tourist attraction, Te Puia.
05 Nov 2014

Megan Burton-Brown - MCOM

In June, 2013, then in her second-year, Megan began what turned out to be one of the best experiences of her life, her exchange to Maastrict, in the Netherlands. An exchange has always been something that Megan wanted to do, and the options that the University of Waikato provides with over 40 different partnership universities in more than 20 different countries was hard to beat. Although initially wanting to go to Canada, Megan heard amazing things about Maastrict University in the Netherlands and decided to apply.
03 Nov 2014

Timoti Daymond - BMS

Studying to complete his Bachelor of Management Studies majoring in Electronic Business and Strategic Management did not stop Timoti from following his entrepreneurial ambitions and starting his own company Tian & Davies with his fellow intern. But Timoti claims that, “without the internship experience I doubt Tian & Davies would exist today.”
03 Nov 2014

2014-10-13: MSB0 labs – more changes

2014-10-13: MSB0 labs – more changes
01 Nov 2014

2014-10-27: Grade distributions, WMS Home page, Email archiving, Adobe Connect

2014-10-27: Grade distributions, WMS Home page, Email archiving, Adobe Connect
01 Nov 2014

Tourism Staff from Beijing Union University visit WMS

A group of four staff from Beijing Union University (BUU) visited the School last Friday, 24th October.
30 Oct 2014
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