Our research professors

Dr Ron Bird

Dr Ron Bird is a Professor in Finance. His research interests largely concentrate in the investments areas and those areas that interface with financial reporting. Since 1999, his interest have progressively moved towards increasing our understanding of the extent to which markets fail and the costs imposed on the community as a consequence of these failures.

Dr Delwyn Clark

Dr Delwyn Clark is a Professor of Strategic Management. Her current research interests focuses on strategy models, innovation processes and micro-enterprises.

Dr Tim Coltman

Dr Tim Coltman is a Professor and Dean of Waikato Management School. His research interests include managing innovation, research that makes a difference to business and society.  His disciplinary strengths are in strategy, technology management, innovation, entrepreneurship and supply chain management.

Dr Howard Davey

Dr Howard Davey is a Professor of Professional Accounting. He specialises in external reporting, financial accounting and accounting theory, including non-traditional measures of performance, taxation and professional issues.

Dr Graeme Doole

Dr Graeme Doole is a Professor of Economics. His research involves the use of analytical and empirical methods to investigate how best to manage agricultural and natural systems.  A significant proportion of this work involves the formulation of appropriate policy instruments to achieve economic, environmental and social outcomes from the regulation of of agricultural and mining activity.

Dr John Gibson

Dr John Gibson is a Professor of Economics. His research interests are in microeconomics and in the micro econometric aspects of development, labour and the international economy. His other research interests include poverty measurement, the design and analysis of household survey data, and economic development, especially in China and other Asian and Pacific economies.

Dr Siggi Gudergan

Dr Siggi Gudergan is a Professorial Fellow at Waikato Management School, and also a chaired Professor in Strategy within Newcastle Business School in Australia.  His research can be categorised into three areas: 1. Business strategy and strategic management (including entrepreneurship, innovation, organisational change and performance (and international business and management); 2. Services and customer decision-making; and 3. Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM).

Dr Mark Harcourt

Dr Mark Harcourt is a Professor of Strategy and Human Resource Management. He specialises in strategic human resource management, employment rights, discrimination, unions, health and safety, labour turnover and labour relations.

Dr Mark Holmes

Dr Mark Holmes is a Professor of Economics and Director of the Waikato Management School PhD Programme. He specialises in applied macro-economics, international finance, and the economics of the less developed countries.

Dr Stuart Locke

Dr Stuart Locke is a Professor of Finance. His main research interests are corporate governance, capital market movements, agribusiness finance, small business finance and personal finance planning.

Dr David McKie

Dr David McKie is a Professor of Leadership Communication. His specialties are public relations, emotional intelligence and action research, leadership, imagination and complexity science.

Dr Debashish Munshi

Dr Debashish Munshi is Professor of Management Communication. His research focuses on issues of diversity, sustainability and communication.  His current research which focuses on conceptualising the notion of boundaries in the interplay between new technologies and society.

Dr John Oetzel

Dr John Oetzel is a Professor of Communication. His research centres on understanding and improving problematic interactions between and among people of different cultural backgrounds.

Dr Les Oxley

Dr Les Oxley is Professor of Economics. His research interests include applied econometrics, economic growth, human capital, energy economics, economics of innovation, knowledge economy, intellectual property and cliometrics.

Dr Kathryn Pavlovich

Dr Kathryn Pavlovich is a Professor of Strategy and Human Resource Management.  Her research explores new forms of organising for creative more vibrant and sustainable regional contexts. Her research covers two main areas: The first is cooperative strategy: strategic alliances, networks, clusters and cooperative partnerships; the second area involves the development of our inner technologies: spirituality, reflection, mindfulness and conscious leadership.

Dr Juliet Roper

Dr Juliet Roper is a Professor of Management Communication. Her main interests lie in the area of corporate communication and public affairs, focusing on public relations and sustainability.

Dr Chris Ryan

Dr Chris Ryan is a Professor of Tourism and Hospitality Management and the Editor of Tourism Management. He is interested in research methods and epistemologies, and in tourist behaviours and the consequences of those behaviours in terms of impacts - social, psychological and environmental; and in business organisations that shape those tourist experiences.

Dr Grant Samkim

Dr Grant Samkin is a Professor of Accounting.  His main research interests are in three broad themes.  These are narrative or non-financial reporting (including Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability and intellectual capital issues); education and accounting history.

Dr Riccardo Scarpa

Dr Riccardo Scarpa is a Professor in Environmental Economics. His main research interest is modelling behavioural choices to derive estimates for non-market environmental goods. His research focuses on recreational travel cost models to forest sites; the valuation of cultural heritage and museums and assessing the recreational value of environmentally protected areas.

Dr Frank Scrimgeour

Dr Frank Srimgeour is a Professor in Environmental Economics, Head of the School of Accounting, Finance and Economics, and Director of the Institute for Business Research. His research specialties are in the areas of economic of agriculture and agribusiness, the economics of the environment, the economics of regional development and Māori development, and financial economics and governance, environmental and natural resource economics.

Dr Rajeev Sharma

Dr Rajeev Sharma is a Professor and Associate Dean Strategic Projects. His research interests include business analytics and organizational performance, business analytics and managerial search, IT and organizational performance, dynamic capabilities and method bias.

Dr Kay Weaver

Dr Kay Weaver is a Professor of Management Communication and Dean of the School of Graduate Research. Her research draws on a range of theoretical and methodological approaches including theories of reception and communication effects, feminist and poststructuralist analysis.