Professor Ania Rose

Ania Rose

Professor of Accounting, Acting Associate Dean of Research and Postgraduate, Acting Director of the New Zealand Institute for Business Research


Accounting; Corporate Governance; Human Behaviour

Accounting Information Systems Audit

Qualifications: PhD, CPA

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: MSB.3.03
Phone: +64 7 838 4559

Papers Taught

About Ania

Professor Rose studies the effects of different auditing methods and information technologies on auditor judgment and investigates methods to improve fraud detection. She is a leading expert in the areas of judgment and decision making by accounting professionals, and she was ranked in 2020 as the #3 experimental researcher in accounting information systems worldwide. Professor Rose has won teaching awards at several universities for her active and research-based courses, and she has developed executive training for mulitple univerities and in several countries around the world.

Research Supervised

Data visualisation in audit

Auditor liability

Research Interests

Visualisations as audit evidence

Internal control weaknesses

Fraud risk assessment

Recent Publications

  • Norman, C., Rose, A., Rose, J., Suh, I., & Xiao, X. (2021). An investigation of the effects of allegation sources and consequences on corporate directors’ responses to whistleblowing allegations. Journal of Information Systems, online, 25 pages. doi:10.2308/isys-2020-049

  • Norman, C. S., Rose, A. M., Rose, J. M., & Suh, I. (2021). An investigation of corporate directors' responses to CEO pay ratio disclosures and say-on-pay votes. Human Resource Management, 60(3), 455-474. doi:10.1002/hrm.22034

  • Ganbold, O., Rose, A., Rose, J., & Rotaru, K. (2021). Increasing reliance on financial advice with avatars: The effects of competence and complexity on algorithm aversion. Journal of Information Systems, online, 27 pages. doi:10.2308/isys-2021-002

  • Rose, A., Rose, J., Rotaru, K., Sanderson, K. -A., & Thibodeau, J. (2021). Effects of data visualization choices on psychophysiological responses, judgment and audit quality. Journal of Information Systems, online, 54 pages. doi:10.2308/isys-2020-046

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