Professor Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan

Professor of Tourism Management
Director of China-New Zealand Tourism Research Unit
Undergraduate/Graduate Convenor for Tourism and Hospitality Management

Qualifications: BSc (Econ) (Hons) London, PGCE Leicester, MEd Nottingham, MPhil Nottingham Trent, PhD Aston

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Email: [email protected]
Room: MSB.4.17
Phone: +64 7 838 4259

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About Chris

Professor Chris Ryan undertakes research in the field of tourism, and has developed research interests in China in the last two decades, including contractual work with Chinese partners such as Beijing Union University, Sun Yat-sen University and others. He has also undertaken reports for the United Nations World Tourism Organization in China, is editor of Tourism Critiques: Practice and Theory, and for 25 years was editor of Tourism Management and took it to its current position as the leading tourism research journal. He also founded Tourism Management Perspectives, which is also a SSCI cited journal.  Tourism Critiques is fully Plan S compliant.

As a researcher, according to Google Scholar Citations, he has about 26,500 citations and has an h-index of 77.  He has authored or co-authored approximately 220 refereed journal articles and 14 books, the lastest of which is Advanced Tourist Destination Management (Edward, Elgar, 2020).

He has worked with various organisations including the Terracotta Warriors Museum and the Wuxi Mausoleum in China. Within New Zealand he has completed work for Tourism New Zealand, the former Ministry of Tourism and subsequently the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Tourism Auckland, Tourism Waikato and individual private sector organisations.

His research interests include tourist behaviours and the consequences of those behaviours in terms of impacts - social, psychological and environmental; and the business organisations that shape those tourist experiences. He has also established a UNWTO research base studying Raglan under the UNWTO Insto programme ( Details on the China-New Zealand Tourism Research Unit can be found at:

His position at Waikato is partly funded by Beijing Union University as co-partners in the BUU China-New Zealand Tourism Research Unit.   He was noted by PLOS 1 as being one of the top 0.5 % of global researchers.

Research Supervised

In total, thus far, Chris has supervised successfully over 30 doctoral candidates, of whom, in May 2021,  4 hold full professorial positions,  5 hold Associate Professor positions, 2 hold a Dean's position (one after being a tourism minister), others hold academic positions or are in industry, and one holds a librarian's positions.  They work in China, Kenya, Macau, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Oman, Malaysia, and Taiwan. One has even retired and grows walnuts commercially after an academic career. In addition, Chris has supervised numerous Master's dissertations, some of whom went on to become his doctoral students.  Their work generally applies psychometrics, mixed methods, qualitative methods and statistical techniques.

Research Interests

Chris is interested in tourist behaviours, motivations and the social, environmental and economic consequences of those behaviours with a specific interest in China and cutlural differences. He utilises both quantative and qualitative techniques including discriminate analysis, SEM, regressions etc and textual analysis software.

Recent Publications

  • Pan, Y., Wang, X., & Ryan, C. (2021). Chinese seniors holidaying, elderly care, rural tourism and rural poverty alleviation programmes. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 46, 134-143. doi:10.1016/j.jhtm.2020.09.010

  • Chen, Z., Ryan, C., & Zhang, Y. (2021). Transgenerational place attachment in a New Zealand seaside destination. Tourism Management, 82, 11 pages. doi:10.1016/j.tourman.2020.104196

  • Li, Z., Li, F., & Ryan, C. (2021). Perceiving North Korea through Chinese tourists’ eyes. Tourism Review, 76(1), 150-163. doi:10.1108/TR-12-2019-0488

  • Yi, J., Ryan, C., & Wang, D. (2021). China’s village tourism committees: A social network analysis. Journal of Travel Research, 60(1), 117-132. doi:10.1177/0047287519892324

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