Dr Gazi M Hassan

Gazi Hassan

Senior Lecturer in Economics
Convenor for ECONS495/499/599


Economic Development; Economics; International Finance; Migration; Violence


Qualifications: B.B.A. (Admin) (NSU, Bangladesh); M.A. Econ. (Kent, UK) ; M.A. Econ. (York, Canada); Ph.D. Econ. (Western Sydney, Aus)

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Room: MSB2.22
Phone: +64 7 858 5164
Cellphone: 021 041 1978

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About Gazi

Gazi Hassan is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Waikato, Research Associate at the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA) at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, and a Visiting Academic at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, Oxford University. His research field is development macroeconomics. He is an applied economist working on international migration and workers' remittances with a strong focus on understanding the macroeconomic consequences of remittances flows.  While this is the distinguishing characteristic of his research, his research interests also include other empirical growth economics.  A major finding from his research is that the role of remittances on the macroeconomy is at best indirect. Through subsequent research, he uncovers the important channels through which remittances indirectly affect economic growth in recipient economies. Examples include his publications in International Migration, Journal of Development Studies, World Economy, Economic Modelling, Applied Economics, Journal of Developing Areas, and Applied Economics Quarterly. His current ongoing projects include behavioural responses of remittances-receiving households facing natural disasters; debt-migration and the responses of remittances to changes in interest rates; and the impact of remittances inflows on homicide rates in Latin American countries. The geographic focus of Gazi’s research is mainly South Asian in terms of studying developing and emerging economies. Gazi is listed as an ‘Asia Expert’ at the Asia Media Centre which helps New Zealand journalists cover Asia-based issues at the Asia New Zealand Foundation.  Since 2011, RePEc analytics has ranked Gazi inside the top 27% (31%) of all economics authors in New Zealand (Oceania). According to Google Scholar, Gazi is placed at 13th in the worldwide ranking of 'remittances' researchers. Gazi has refereed many economics papers for internationally ranked journals and has organized a Student Research Conference at Waikato University and is currently supervising 3 PhD students. Gazi teaches an undergraduate paper on global economics and a graduate paper on research methodology on both qualitative and quantitative approaches to management research.

Gazi is keen on supervising interesting and insightful applied economics doctoral projects but at the moment prefers to advise higher degree research students with topics related to the following themes:

1. Understanding the nature and flows of private unearned income (remittances), and their impact on the aggregate, institutional, community, and household level.

2. Innovative financing for the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). In particular, the role of new forms of capital (e.g. remittances securitization or sustainability bonds or sovereign wealth funds) in promoting the achievement of SDG.

2. Financial inclusion, mobile technology, and women empowerment in developing and emerging economies.

3. Technology, inequality and inclusive economic growth, and pro-poor macroeconomic policies.

4. Challenges and opportunities for the mobilisation of the private sector for the private provision of public goods for the vulnerable coastal communities in Asia and the Pacific.

5. Relevant topics in development macroeconomics.

Research Supervised

1. Harold Glenn A. Valera
"Inflation and Macroeconomic Performance in Asian Economies Under Inflation Targeting Framework: Time Series and Data Analysis"  (Completed - Post-Doc at IRRI)

2. Mohammad Irfan
"Determinants of Fossil Fuel and Clean Fuel at Household Level: Evidence from Pakistan"  (ongoing)

3. Van Ha

"The effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic Firms: the Case of Vietnam" (ongoing)

Devarsh Nirav Pathak

"An Investigation into the Interest Rate Pass-Through in New Zealand"

Research Interests

Economics of migrants' remittances flows; economics of private responses to natural disaster ; real effective exchange rate; sovereign credit ratings and cross border bank flows; empirical growth economics; development macroeconomics ; gender issues in health and education; inflation targeting in Asia; economies of South Asia.

Recent Publications

  • Valera, H. G. A., Holmes, M., & Hassan, G. (2018). Does inflation targeting matter for the behavior of inflation and output growth? Some regime-based evidence for Asian economies. Journal of Economic Studies, 45(5), 932-955. doi:10.1108/JES-01-2017-0023

  • Hassan, G., & Holmes, M. (2018). How do workers' remittances respond to lending rates?. International Migration, online, 16 pages.

  • Valera, H. G. A., Holmes, M. J., & Hassan, G. M. (2018). Is inflation targeting credible in Asia? A panel GARCH approach. Empirical Economics, 54(2), 523-546. doi:10.1007/s00181-016-1212-3

  • Refai, H. A., & Hassan, G. (2018). The impact of market-wide volatility on time-varying risk: Evidence from Qatar Stock Exchange. Journal of Emerging Market Finance, 17(2S), 239S-369S. doi:10.1177/0972652718777083

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