Associate Professor Maree Roche Dr

Maree Roche

Associate Professor Human Resources & Leadership


Leadership; Management; Maori Research; Psychology

Leadership development; positive psychology and positive leadership; Maori leadership; business and corporate leadership.

Qualifications: PhD; MMS; BSocSc

Iwi: Ngati Raukawa

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
Room: WMS 432
Phone: +64 7 856 2889 Ext. 8294

Papers Taught

About Maree

Maree is a Fellow of the NZ Psychological Society, a Fellow of the Positive Organisational Behavior Insitute (USA), and her research and consultancy spans three clusters in Leadership that intersect. These are (1) leadership neuropsychology/mindset of high performance  (2) the impact of this on employee wellbeing /positive psychology at work and (3) cross-cultural particularly Māori leadership and employee wellbeing. Maree specifically examines how leaders psychological mindsets are contagious in organizations and the impact of this on employee and organizational outcomes. Maree’s research has highlighted to international audiences, the value of understanding and resourcing, psychologically, leaders, and the importance of this for employees and organizations as they navigate today’s complex and difficult business environments.

Research Supervised

Maree has many areas of expertise and is supervising work in leadership on; mindfulness, positive psychological capital, psychological flexibility, relational energy, diversity and inclusion, ethical and authentic leadership. She is interested in supervising students in a range of areas of leadership, including positive leadership, wellbeing, dark leadership, and leadership psychology.

Research Interests

Maree has expertise in a range of areas within Leadership, including positive leadership, wellbeing, dark leadership and leadership and personality.

Recent outputs include -leadership, psychology, mindsets, high performance, leaders contagion.

Recent Publications

  • Roche, M., Shang, S., Bentley, T., Catley, B., Blackwood, K., Teo, S., & Sutton, A. (2022). Mindfulness older workers and relational leadership. Journal of Management and Organization, online, 18 pages. doi:10.1017/jmo.2022.11

  • Roche, M. (2022). Editorial and Introduction. New Zealand Journal of Human Resources Management, 22(1).

  • Wrapson, W., Dorrestein, M., Wrapson, J., Theadom, A., Kayes, N., Snell, D., . . . Siegert, R. (2021). Stroke survivors’ expectations and post-intervention perceptions of mindfulness training: A qualitative study. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, online, 23. doi:10.1080/09602011.2021.1950777

  • Blackwood, K., Brougham, D., Roche, M., & Gordan, M. (2021). [Editorial] Introduction. New Zealand Journal of Human Resources Management, 21(1).

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