Dr Nadia Trent

Nadia Trent

Senior Lecturer in Supply Chain Management


Management; Supply Chain Management

Qualifications: PhD Industrial Engineering (Pretoria); PGCert Higher Education (Pretoria)

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Email: [email protected]
Cellphone: +27 71 610 6051

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About Nadia

Research Supervised

Nadia has supervised more than 20 mini-dissertations (honours or masters level) in industrial engineering and data science at the University of Pretoria. Most of the projects she supervised developed models (descriptive, explanatory, predictive, or prescriptive) to assist decision-making in specific industry contexts.

Research Interests

With her background in industrial engineering, Nadia is most interested in developing quantitative models that can help to understand, predict, and optimise supply chains.

Her PhD focused on using complex network theory to develop supply chain vulnerability metrics for distribution networks in urban areas. She has also used complex network theory to study the global maritime and aviation networks as well as supply chain configurations in urban areas.

More recently Nadia has collaborated with computer scientists to develop methods that can turn commercial vehicle GPS data into insightful knowledge regarding supply chain behaviour.

Being a lecturer, she has developed a keen interest in experimenting with education innovations, and reporting on these is short case studies.

Recent Publications

  • Amoo, M. E., Bringardner, J., Chen, J. Y., Coyle, E. J., Finnegan, J., Kim, C. J., . . . Ward, B. C. (2020). Breaking down the silos: Innovations for multidisciplinary programs. In ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings Vol. 2020-June.

  • Trent, N. M., Joubert, J. W., Gidofalvi, G., & Kordnejad, B. (2020). A matching algorithm to study the evolution of logistics facilities extracted from GPS traces. Transportation Research Procedia, 46, 237-244. doi:10.1016/j.trpro.2020.03.186

  • Trent, N. M., Joubert, J. W., & Bean, W. L. (2020). Engineering students' perspectives on the use of group work peer assessment in two undergraduate Industrial Engineering modules. In 2020 IFEES World Engineering Education Forum - Global Engineering Deans Council, WEEF-GEDC 2020. doi:10.1109/WEEF-GEDC49885.2020.9293644

  • Viljoen, N. M., & Joubert, J. W. (2019). Supply chain micro-communities in urban areas. Journal of Transport Geography, 74, 211-222. doi:10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2018.11.011

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