Dr Nirosha Hewa Wellalage

Nirosha Hewa Wellalage

Senior Lecturer in Finance
Undergraduate Convenor, Finance


Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Finance; Sustainability

Small Business ; Developing economies

Qualifications: BSC, University of Ireland; MBA, University of Keele, UK, PhD in Finance, University of Waikato

Contact Details

Room: MSB.2.08
Phone: +64 7 838 4196

Papers Taught

About Nirosha

Dr Nirosha Wellalage has had several years of experience in the finance industry before moving to the University of Waikato. Her main research centres on issues related to corporate finance practices.

The substantive areas of her research include firm-level corporate governance, small business, and emerging markets finance. She has published several articles in leading international journals including the Journal of Business Ethics, Small Business Economics, International Review of Financial Analysis, and Applied Economics.

Research Supervised

Doctor of Philosophy

  1. Dilip Jha Kumar, PhD thesis- Improving Corporate Governance in Nepalese Financial institutions to Promote Growth and Performance -Passed 2017
  2. Francis Agyekum, PhD thesis A trajectory of financial inclusion towards economic inclusion; empirical evidence from Licsghana as a case- Passed 2017
  3. Samir Harith, PhD thesis – Full enrolment The Development of a Performance Evaluation Framework for Start-up Entrepreneurship Financing Initiatives- Passed 2018
  4. Yimei Man, PhD thesis – Full enrolment Agency cost and earning management in Chinese listed companies -Passed 2019
  5. Polypailin Kijasiwat, PhD thesis – Full enrolment Capital Structure and Financial Performance: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand -Passed 2019
  6. Mercy Kiremu, Phd thesis-Climate Finance Instruments and Kenyan Agriculture-Submitted 2019 (Ongoing)

Research Interests

Corporate Governance,

Small Business Finance

CSR and Sustainability

Emerging Markets

Recent Publications

  • Hewa Wellalage, N., & Locke, S. (2019). Remittance and financial inclusion in refugee migrants: Inverse probability of treatment weighting using the propensity score. Applied Economics, online, 23 pages. doi:10.1080/00036846.2019.1646876

  • Hewa Wellalage, N., Locke, S., & Samujh, H. (2019). Firm bribery and credit access: Evidence from Indian SMEs. Small Business Economics, online, 22 pages. doi:10.1007/s11187-019-00161-w

  • Hewa Wellalage, N., & Fernandez, V. (2019). Innovation and SME finance: Evidence from developing countries. International Review of Financial Analysis, 66, 14 pages. doi:10.1016/j.irfa.2019.06.009

  • Hewa Wellalage, N., Locke, S., & Acharya, S. (2018). Does the composition of boards of directors impact on CSR scores?. Social Responsibility Journal, 14(3), 651-669. doi:10.1108/SRJ-03-2017-0039

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