Dr Peter Huang

Peter Huang

Senior Lecturer in Finance


Accounting; Agriculture; Agriculture and Biosystems; Chinese; Corporate Governance; Culture; Data; Economics; Environment; Finance; International Finance; Technology

Qualifications: PhD, UNSW; MSc, XMU & SMU; BA, SWUFE

Contact Details

Room: MSB 2.36
Phone: +64 7 837 9407

Papers Taught

About Peter

Dr. Huang is passionate about teaching and doing research. His expertise is related to corporate finance, financial management, strategic management and financial markets. He is also interested in corporate governance, behavioral economics and culture.

Dr. Huang particularly enjoys supervising research students and helping them with career development.

Research Supervised

Currently supervising:

"Does Sports Sentiment Influence Stock Market Returns?" (Master, 2019-)

"Emotions in the Social and News Media" (PhD, 2018-)

Research Interests

  • Agri-business
  • Board of Directors
  • Capital Structure
  • China Economy
  • Culture
  • Emotion/Sentiment
  • Innovation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • New Zealand Economy
  • Overconfidence
  • Sovereign Governance
  • etc.

Recent Publications

  • Huang, P., & Lu, Y. (2019). Culture and board of directors. In 19th Annual Conference of the Asian Academic Accounting Association (pp. 27 pages). Seoul, South Korea.

  • Huang, P., Humphrey-Jenner, M., & Powell, R. (2019). Minority acquisitions and information risk. In 2019 FMA Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA, USA.

  • Huang, P., & Lu, Y. (2019). Diversity of independent directors. In 19th Annual Conference of the Asian Academic Accounting Association (pp. 47 pages). Seoul, South Korea.

  • Bird, R., Huang, P., & Lu, Y. (2018). Board independence and the variability of firm performance: Evidence from an exogenous regulatory shock. Australian Journal of Management, 43(1), 3-26. doi:10.1177/0312896217708227

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