Dr Sayeeda Bano

Sayeeda Bano

Senior Lecturer in Economics
Justice of the Peace

Qualifications: PhD in Economics, MA in Economics

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Email: [email protected]
Room: MSB.2.21
Phone: +64 7 838 4931

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About Sayeeda

Dr Sayeeda Bano received her PhD in Economics from Simon Fraser University in Canada. She received her MA in Economics from the University of Alberta (Edmonton), Canada; and her MPhil from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India.

Her professional research expertise is in the area of international grade and finance, with a focus on: (i) intra‑industry trade and inter-industry international trade (ii) comparative economics; (iii) international trade in services; (iv) economic integration; (v) New Zealand trade and economic relations between Australia and the Asia-Pacific nations; (vi) New Zealand China-Free Trade Agreement (FTA); (v) New Zealand-India trade relations; (vi) exchange rate volatility and balance of payment issues.

Additional areas of interests are: First and second-best trade policies; ranking comparative economic performance; kiwifruit revealed comparative advantage, New Zealand kiwifruit export performance, FDI flows from developing countries; and ASEAN integration: challenges and opportunities.

Dr Bano has achieved international recognition in her field of research, specifically on the research frontiers of intra-industry trade. She has published extensively including refereed international journal articles, a book, book chapters, book reviews, working papers, professional articles and international conference papers and proceedings. She also served as referee for national and international Journal publications.

Dr Bano has taught graduate and undergraduate courses on international trade, international finance, international economy, and comparative economic performance in global perspectives, Financial Economics and Economies of Asia and the Pacific.

Dr Bano is currently an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Economic Integration, and a Research Fellow at the New Zealand–India Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington. She was previously a Trustee on the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Board, and an auditor for the Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EMASA) and on the advisory committee of EAMSA. In 2015 she was appointed as a member of the CASS European Institute of Management Studies, based in Brussels, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Dr Bano was an economist at the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) prior to taking up her appointment at the University of Waikato. She has visited and lived in many different countries including India, Tanzania, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Bano was a visiting Professor at the University of Ottawa, a visiting scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University, a visiting scholar at CHUO University in Tokyo, a Visiting Research Fellow, University of Philippines, Diliman, Manila, Philippines and a visiting Scholar at James Cook University, (Business School) Townsville, Australia. She has lectured at the University of Dar-ES-Salaam and guest lectures at the Centre for Foreign Relations in Tanzania.

Sayeeda is a Justice of the Peace (JP) for New Zealand, providing services to students, staff and the wider community. She is actively involved in Hamilton Community Radio, and broadcasts a radio programme, 'Aapki Mahphile Harmony' each week to share experiences with the community and foster peace and harmony. In 2015 she received a Community Service Award from the New Zealand Federation of Multicultural Council in recognition of her valuable services to the community.  In 2010 she was presented with a Hamilton City Council Civic Award for “outstanding contribution to the community”.

Research Supervised

PhD Student-San POHMAKDTR: PhD Thesis.
Title: Ownership, Control and Foreign Direct Investment: An investigation of performance in the Thai Beverage industry. (2006-2009).

MBM Student, Lu Wang: Major Research Project Masters of Business
Management (MBM) Programme. Completed. November, 2015
Paper Code: EXLD535-15GX.
Title: “New Zealand international trade: An analysis of demand side determinants”
Chief Supervisor

MBA, Student, Meagan Holmes: Major Research Project for MBA Programme.
Completed. July, 2015
Paper Code: EXLD544-14ED
Title: “The Impact of Business Philanthropy on the Local Economy in Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty Sub-region”.
Chief Supervisor

MMS, Student, Devarsh Pathak: ECON591 MMS Dissertation.
Completed, March, 2014.
Title: An Investigation into the Interest Rate Pass-Through in New Zealand”.

MBA Student-Abdallah Ali: Major Research Project MBA Programme.
Completed. May, 2013
Paper Code: EXLD544-12GC: MBA Programme
Title: “The Determinants of Halal Gelatine Market in New Zealand: An Empirical Analysis.” Chief Supervisor.

MMS Student-Javin Singh Dhammi:ECON591 Dissertation. February, 2012
Title:  “New Zealand Imports of Used Automobiles: Life after the implementation  of the Vehicle Exhaust Emission Standards. February 2012”.

MMS Student-Tony Hansen Marshall, ECON 591 Dissertation. March, 2009.
Title: “ New Zealand-Pacific Existing and Potential Bilateral Trade and Co-operation: A Gravity Analysis. March 2009”.
Chief Supervisor

MMS Student: Nicolas Nazal Schuenemann: ECON591 Dissertation, February, 2007
Title:   “Future Expectation for Farmed Salmon Market”.

MMS Student-Javin Singh Dhammi:ECON591 Dissertation. February, 2012
Title: “New Zealand Imports of Used Automobiles: Life after the implementation  of the Vehicle Exhaust Emission Standards. February 2012”.

External Professional Services:

External Examiner for a PhD Thesis, Massey University.  2013
Name of Candidate: Faisal Rana
Thesis Title: Essays on International Risk Sharing
December   2013

Examiner: External Examiner for a PhD Thesis, Lincoln University.  2003
Name of Candidate: M.V. Cortes-Rotriguez
Thesis Title: Trade between New Zealand and Latin American Countries:
A Modified Gravity Model. 2003

External Examiner for a Master’s Thesis, Auckland University. 2014 - Edit this later

External Examinerfor a Master’s Thesis. 2010
Auckland University of Technology   (AUT),  2010
Name of Candidate: Sanjana Chaudhary
Thesis Title: An empirical investigation of the financial liberalization on growth and financial market performance for Asia-Pacific countries.  2010.

External Examiner for a Master’s Thesis, Massey University, 2002
Thesis Title: Transition to an Open Economy: An Analysis of Vietnam’s Export
Performance 1998-2000.    2002
External Exam Moderator; Waikato Polytechnic during the period; 1996-1997

Refereeing/Reviewing Articles for the Following Journals

Tourism Management Journal (2014).
The ejournal Economics (2013).
Journal of Economic Integration, (2011 and 2012)
Journal of Social Economics. (2012)
Asian Business and Management Journal  (2009, 2010. 2011, 2012)
Eastern Economic Journal. (2011)
The Global Economy Journal, (2007, 2008)
The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development.(2003)
New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, Various Years

Refereeing/Reviewing for Refereed Conference Papers

Euro Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA).
Annual International Conference Papers (2015, 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009)
Referee for Graduate Students’ Conference papers;
The University of Waikato; University of Otago.

Refereeing a Text Book Proposal for Publication (2014)

Publisher; Routledge: Taylor and Francis Group
Title of the Book; International Trade: The Basics
Authors of Proposal:
Jessie P.H. Poon and David Rigby
Request for Reviewing the Book Proposal from
Publisher; Routledge: Taylor and Francis Group
Submitted Review Report in April 2014.

Research Interests

Dr Bano:  Research has focused on the Following Main Areas;

International Trade and International Finance
International trade: Inter and Intra-Industry Trade
International Trade in Services
Economic/Regional Integration
New Zealand-Australia Closer Economic Relations (CER):
New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
New Zealand -Australia-ASEAN-FTA
Globalisation and changing patterns of trade
New Zealand Trade Relations with Japan
Trade and Technology Transfers
New Zealand-India trade relations
Ranking Comparative Economic Performance and Stock Market Performance
Exchange Rate Volatility and Balance of Payments Issues
New Zealand Kiwifruit Exporting
FDI-Flows: Developing Countries Experience

Book Publication

Bano, Sayeeda (1991), “Intra-Industry International Trade: The Canadian

Experience:”   Publisher: Avebury, Academic Publishing Group, (England: May 1991).

The above Book was reviewed by Professor Marvel in

The Journal of Economic Literature, Vol, XXXI, June 1993.

Book Chapters, Journal Articles and Published Conference Proceedings: 2001-2004

2004    Bano, Sayeeda. “Globalisation and International Trade” in Yoshimoto Kawasaki Kenyi Takita and Shikoto Sonada (Eds.), Globalisation and East Asia. This is a Book published in Japanese Language. This research article was translated in Japanese and published in this Book. Published by Chuo University Press, 2004. PP 151-204

2004    Bano, Sayeeda “Bilateral Trade Intensities and Trade Reciprocity between New Zealand- China and Selected Countries: An Empirical Examination” in Oliver et al (Eds) Harmony V Conflict: Euro-Asia Management in a Turbulent Era. Published by Universityof Hong Kong.

2003    Bano, Sayeeda and Sandrey Ron, “Bilateral Trade Relations between New Zealand-Australia and Selected Asia-Pacific Nations”, Published by NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) Wellington, New Zealand.

2003    Bano, Sayeeda. “International Trade in Services: A World Trade Organization and Asia-Pacific Cooperation Perspectives” in Park Sung Jo and Sierk Horn (eds.)Asia and Europe in the New Global System: Intercultural Cooperation and Competition Scenarios. BookPublished by Palgrave, Macmillan 2003, PP. 94-135. 03/03.

2002    Bano, Sayeeda. “Intra-industry and Inter-industry International Trade: The New Zealand and Selected Pacific –Asian Nations” in Mirza et al (Eds), Competition and Co-operation in Asia and Europe: Corporate and Governance Perspectives and Strategies. Asia-Pacific Business and Development Research Unit. Bradford University Press, United Kingdom.

2001    Bano Sayeeda and Yoshiaki. Takahashi, “Trade Relation between Japan, New Zealand and East Asian Nations: A Comparative Analysis”, Paper Presented at the 2001 Euro Asia Management Studies Association Annual Conference, 31 October- 2 November 2001, Berlin, Germany, Published in refereed Conference Proceedings by Palgrave.

Selected Previous Research: Book Chapters, Journal Articles, Conference Proceedings, Research Papers: 1980s-1990s

1995    Bano, Sayeeda and Lane, Peter, “The Significance and Determinants of Trade in Services: Canada and the World Economy,” Chapter in: Raul Moncarz, (Ed) International Trade and the New World Economic Order, Publisher Pergamon, Oxford, U.K. December 1995.

1995    Bano, Sayeeda “The Important Role of Trade in Services in a Growing World Economy,” in: K. Fatemi & S. Nicoles (Eds.). International Business in the 21st Century.Texas A&M International University. Vol. 1, 1995.

1995    Bano, Sayeeda and Lane, Peter “Intra-Industry Trade as a Cause and Consequence of Global Environment:” New Zealand and her European, Pacific and Asian Partners,” Published in: Journal of International Business, Management International Review,Vol. 35, 1995/1, pp133-149, publisher Gabler Verlag, Germany.

1995    Bano, Sayeeda, “The Significance and Determinants of Trade in Services: The United States, Pacific Rim, and the World Economy,” The Globalisation of Business in the 1990s Implications for Trade and Investment Vol. III, K Fatemi (Ed). A & M University of Texas, USA. pp. 819-852.

1994    Bano, S. and P. Lane, “The Significance of Inter-Industry and Intra-Industry: The United States, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim” The Globalisation of Business in the 1990s: Implications for Trade and Investment Vol. lII K.Fatemi (Ed). A&M University of Texas, USA, pp. 853-874.

1987    Bano, Sayeeda and P. Lane, "New Zealand-Australia Intra-Industry Trade", in A. Bollard and A. Thompson (eds.), The Trans-Tasman Trade and Investment, Wellington, New Zealand Institute of Economic Research and Victoria University Press

1986    Bano, Sayeeda "A Bibliography on New Zealand Trade and Finance Research" published by theDepartment of Trade and Industry, New Zealand Government, Wellington, April 1986.

1984    Bano, Sayeeda. "Determinants of Tanzania's Balance of Payments:An Empirical Investigation" in L.A. Msambichaca and L.S. Chandrasekhar (Eds.),Reading in Economic Policy of Tanzania, The Scandinavian Institute for AfricanStudies and Dar-ES-Salaam University Press. Tanzania

1984    Bano, Sayeeda and M. Hyuha, “Some Reflections on Economic Theory”,in: R. Amani et al (Eds.) Reading on Economic Discipline in Eastern Africa, University of Dar-Es-Salaam. Tanzania

1984    Bano, Sayeeda and L. Lipumba, "Tanzania's Foreign Exchange Crisis",in S.M. Wangwe and R. Amani (eds.), Stabilisation Policies in Tanzania,Norwegian Institute for African Studies and University of Dar-ESs-Salaam.Tanzania

Working Papers and Conference Proceedings: 1990s-1980s

1994    Bano, Sayeeda and Lane, Peter, “The Significance and Determinants of Trade in Services: New Zealand, U.S.A. the World Economy,” in: A. Scaperlanda (Ed.) Contemporary Working Papers in International Trade and Finance, Texas A & M International University Press, pp. 229-262.

1991    Bano, Sayeeda. and Lane, Peter, "Intra-Industry International Trade: The New Zealand Experience, 1964-1987", Working Paper No. 91/7, Department of Economics, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

1989    Bano, Sayeeda. and Lane,  Peter, "The Extent, Growth and Determinants of Intra-Industry Trade:  The Case of New Zealand," Working Paper No. 89/5 Department of Economics, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

1988    Bano, S. and Lane, Peter, "New Zealand-Australia Intra-Industry Trade: The Extent, Growth and Significance" Working Paper No. 88/10, New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, Wellington, New Zealand.

1986    Bano, Sayeeda. "The Measurement and Determinants of Intra-Industry International Trade: Canada-New Zealand Experience", Working Paper No. 86/20, New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, Wellington, New Zealand.

1986    Bano, Sayeeda, "Determinants of Manufactured Exports" Working Paper No. 86/20, New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, Wellington, New Zealand.

1986    Bano, Sayeeda, "New Zealand-Australia Intra-Industry Trade", Working Paper No. 87/68, New Zealand Institute of Economic Research, Wellington, New Zealand.

Recent Publications

  • Bano, S., & Tabbada, J. (2020). Determinants of country performance in the context of Covid-19: Evidence from New Zealand and the ASEAN. In NZARES Conference 2020. Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Bano, S., & Tabbada, J. (2020). The regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement: Challenges and prospects. FPRC Journal, 41(1), 10-25.

  • Luo, Y., & Bano, S. (2020). Modelling New Zealand dairy products: Evidence on export survival and duration. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, online, 27 pages. doi:10.1111/1467-8489.12372

  • Samani, P., & Bano, S. (2019). The bilateral trade relations between Pacific Islands Countries and with Australia-New Zealand: An Empirical Analysis. In 2019 NZARES Conference. Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand.

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