Professor Shikhar Sarin

Shikhar Sarin

Professor of Marketing
Co-director of Enterprise Innovation Unit - New Zealand Institute for Business Research

Contact Details

Room: MSB.4.22
Phone: +64 7 837 9272

Recent Publications

  • Rajabi, R., Boles, J., Brashear Alejandro, T., & Sarin, S. (2019). Revisiting and replicating the dominant logic on salesperson job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover. Journal of Business Research, online, 9 pages. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2019.10.067

  • Sarin, S., Haon, C., & Belkhouja, M. (2018). [Editorial] A twenty-year citation analysis of the knowledge outflow and inflow patterns from the Journal of Product Innovation Management. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 35(6), 854-863. doi:10.1111/jpim.12469

  • Malek, S. L., Sarin, S., & Jaworski, B. J. (2018). Sales management control systems: review, synthesis, and directions for future exploration. Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 38(1), 30-55. doi:10.1080/08853134.2017.1407660

  • Sarin, S., Haon, C., & Belkhouja, M. (2018). [Editorial] A bibliometric analysis of the knowledge exchange patterns between major technology and innovation management journals (1999-2013). Journal of Product Innovation Management, 35(1), 2-8. doi:10.1111/jpim.12431

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