Facts and figures

We are proud of the accomplishments and success of our graduates from Waikato Management School.

Many have gone on to secure highly influential, senior positions in the business world, or have taken up academic positions at internationally prestigious universities around the world.

Student completion rates 2014-2018

WMS Programmes20142015201620172018
Bachelor's degrees419402454456481
Bachelor with Honours degrees6452645630
Master's degrees132124260179240

Student retention rates 2014-2018

WMS Programmes20142015201620172018
Bachelor's degrees79.8%85.4%84.9%%86.1%81.3%
Bachelor with Honours degree88.6%94.4%97.7%92.4%98.3%
Master's degree91.8%92.2%92.7%84.7%95.0%
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)94.6%91.5%96.3%90.7%89.1%

WMS Graduate Survey 2018

Waikato Management School undertakes a Graduate Survey every two to three years.

In 2018, 727 respondents reported that they had not been in full-time employment during their studies.

Of these, 83.2% were seeking full-time employment at the end of their studies.

Among those respondents who wished to secure full-time employment, 81.7% reported they were employed within 6 months of graduating.