Board purpose

The Waikato Management School Business Advisory Board is a key body that helps ensure the School understands the education and research needs of business. The Advisory Board provides support, comment and advice to the Pro Vice-Chancellor - Management and Management Group of the School on a broad range of current activities and future developments.

Members are normally appointed for a three-year term. This period can be extended by 1-2 years by agreement with the Pro Vice-Chancellor - Management and the School's Executive Team.

The purpose of the Business Advisory Board is to provide an advisory function on:

  • strategic direction/decisions
  • future market positioning
  • business, commercial and funding opportunities
  • making a difference

Specific functions

  1. To provide a forum where new business and business education ideas and trends are identified and their relevance debated.
  2. To provide input to the School on how curriculum and academic research will best meet current and future needs of business and identify areas for improvement and development.
  3. To provide input into funding for research, new facilities and other activities that members would like to see the School pursue.
  4. To act as a sounding board for specific proposals that School is considering.
  5. To review executive education programmes including the MBA and provide input on their strategic development.
  6. Review changes that have been implemented in relation to programmes, strategic development and the School’s strategy.


The Chairperson will be nominated and appointed by the Pro Vice-Chancellor - Management after consultation with the Advisory Board, with reference to the following:

  • The Chairperson should not be a Waikato Management School employee
  • It is desirable that the Chairperson be local
  • An annual process of appointment will enable rotation of this key role
  • Re-appointment of a Chairperson for another term may be considered by the Pro Vice-Chancellor - Management in some situations

The Chairperson's role is to:

  • Review agenda items prior to meetings
  • Manage the flow of meetings and discussion
  • Ensure equal opportunity to speak and be heard
  • Review and confirm meeting minutes prior to distribution
  • Follow up on any changes implemented by the School

In the event that the Chairperson is unable to perform any of the above duties, the Chairperson should nominate a suitable replacement.

Business Advisory Board Secretary

The Secretary for the Business Advisory Board will be appointed by the Pro Vice-Chancellor - Management.

Key responsibilities of this role are:

  • Co-ordinate and arrange board meetings
  • Liaise with Board members on meeting dates and travel details
  • Distribute minutes and agenda to board members

Minutes for Board meetings are taken by the WMS Academic Unit’s Committee Secretary who will be in attendance at the meeting.


Business Advisory Board meetings are to be convened twice per year and will generally take an afternoon.

Special meetings (additional to the two required meetings) may be arranged at the request of either the Pro Vice-Chancellor - Management or Chair of the Business Advisory Board.

Member vacancies

New members will be nominated by the Waikato Management School Executive Team.

Guidelines to consider when seeking new members:

  • WMS Alumni (Target 25%)
  • Proportional mix between local, national and international members
  • Values match with WMS values and ethos
  • Business management experience
  • Needs of the Board in respect of skills/experience
  • Individual or organisation relationship with WMS
  • WMS Strategy


Recommendations to amend the Charter can be made by any member of the Business Advisory Board to the following people:

  • The Chairperson
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor - Management

Recommendations will be considered by the Waikato Management School Executive Team.