PhD Supervisors

Chief Supervisors

Associate Professor Eric Deakins

Eric's main research interests are in the areas of business information systems and processes, electronic business/government and supply chain management. A range of topics include information systems alignment; supply chain integration; innovation management and e-government sophistication metrics. He is well versed in a number of research methods.

Associate Professor Stuart Dillon

Stuart has a research background in managerial and executive decision making and problem structuring with an emphasis on descriptive behaviour. Current research also focuses on the manner by which strategic decisions are made in organisations. He is also involved in ongoing research concerned with the sophistication of e-local government. Much of Stuart's research is qualitative and he has a particular interest in interpretive approaches.

Dr Karyn Rastrick

Dr Karyn Rastrick's research interests include understanding the development and use of information systems in organisations management of critical incidents, and strategic theories such as the resource-based view. Karyn's research is typically based within a phenomenological paradigm and she has a preference for case based research.

Associate Professor William Wang

With the experiences of being an IT engineer and corporate consultant, Associate Professor William Y C Wang has supervised research projects and provided industrial consultancy in Australasia and Asian regions regarding supply chain management, global supply chain planning, and business process re-engineering. He also has experience in practical projects in Enterprise Systems such as the planning of implementing SAP and MS Dynamics.

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