Student experience

Digital Business students are strongly encouraged to apply what they learn in the classroom to business situations in the real world. Assignments include a mix of lab practicals to develop hands-on skills with computer software, along with group projects, tests and individual reports.

For example, in the paper 'The Techno-Savvy Business', teams of students visit an organisation and interview key staff to find out what the company's technology and IT systems requirements are - just as a real digital consultant would. They develop some recommendations around the use of technology solutions, write a formal business report, and then present their findings to the rest of the class.

Depending on which papers you choose, students can also gain skills in building websites, and learn about Google Sites and mobile apps.

You'll gain essential skills that employers truly value, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, teamwork and communication. You'll also learn about business analysis and decision-making, and project management.

Industry placements, workplace internships and applied research projects are also a highlight of the student experience, where you'll get to investigate real business problems at a host organisation.