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August 2017 - Economics Working Paper Series

As of 31 August 2017, there are now more than 200 papers in our Economics Working Papers Series.

Totals for Waikato Economics working papers since our membership began in 2000:

  • Number of Papers                        204      (An average of 12 per year)
  • Number of Abstract views       67,550
  • Number of Downloads            22,550

Waikato outcomes for Economics working papers for the year ended August 2017:

  • Number of Abstract views       3,670 (an average of 10 per day)
  • Number of Downloads            1,750 (an average of 5 per day)

The most downloaded paper since the Economics working paper series began:

  • Sayeeda Bano “Intra-Industry Trade and Intensities” (583 times).
    Congratulations Sayeeda.  A splendid tribute to your well-regarded expertise.

The most downloaded Economics working paper in the last 12 months:

  • John Gibson “Measuring Chronic Hunger from Diet Snapshots” (91 times)
    Congratulations John. Your many contributions continue to impress internationally.

The most cited Economics working paper in the last 12 months:

  • Riccardo Scarpa and John Rose (Sydney) “Design Efficiency for Non-Market Valuation”
    Well done, Riccardo and John, for an outstanding achievement.

See here for further information on the top 25 Economics working papers.