Graduate profiles in Marketing

Ellyse Bowen

Bachelor of Communication Studies
Ellyse Bowen started out as a marketing intern at the University of Waikato, and she jumped at the chance to work here full-time.

Luke Coxhead

Walking in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary on a trek through the Himalayas is just one of the many incredible memories that Luke Coxhead will treasure from his time at Waikato University.

Ebony de Thierry

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours, Master of Management Studies
Master of Management Studies graduate Ebony de Thierry says "digital marketing is massive at the moment", and she's enjoying her new career as a digital marketing manager in London.

Marina Doretto

Master of Management Studies
"I did some research and found out that Waikato Management School had partnerships with other good business schools in Brazil, and they also had Triple Crown accreditation, so I thought, why not?"

James Forster

Bachelor of Communication Studies
"On game day I get to go behind the scenes and meet all these high-profile rugby stars, which is pretty cool."

Emily Gallagher

Bachelor of Communication Studies
"One minute I was learning how to write press releases in class, the next I was writing them in real life for the University!"

Aaminah Ghani

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
"I wouldn’t have the close relationships I have now without coming to Waikato. I’ve made friends with a broad variety of people from different backgrounds, which adds to my experience and learning."

Kym Hambly

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
Human Resources hadn’t really crossed Kym Hambly's mind as a potential career option until she took a paper on organisational behaviour in the second year of her Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree.

Kendl Hambly

Seeing ideas go from concept development to reality has been rewarding for Kendl Hambly, a marketing specialist who graduated from Waikato with a BMS(Hons). During her time at uni her team won the WMS Case Competition 2012 for Good George brewery.

Todd Harper

Bachelor of Communication Studies
"Good communication is absolutely critical to the success of any organisation that needs to make well-informed decisions. The Bachelor of Communication Studies equips you with the industry-relevant skills and knowledge that you need to thrive in in any business or not-for-profit organisation. For me, it’s about understanding how people’s brains tick, how they interact with each other, and finding practical solutions to help organisations overcome any challenges they’re facing."

Abbey Hilson

Bachelor of Communication Studies
"Creating a real-life public relations campaign in third year was 100% the highlight of my BCS degree. We learnt how to deal with people, clients, deadlines, stress and all the things that come with working in the real world. It was a great stepping stone."

Srishti Kaur

Graduate Diploma
"The course helped me to think about my business from a fresh viewpoint, and helped me with my web presence and Google Analytics."

Matt Kenrick

Bachelor of Electronic Commerce
"My degree...put me one step ahead of the competition, as it enabled me to develop contacts in the industry much earlier than some of my peers."

Alex Kravchenko

Master of Management Studies, PhD
"The technical and academic skills I learnt at Waikato I use every day. I first felt a bit humbled when I started [at the UN] as some interns came from Harvard, the London School of Economics, Oxford, but I was happy to realise that the education I received put me on an equal footing with them in terms of my ability to perform."

Olivia Leckner

Bachelor of Communication Studies
"In my job, I get to contribute to the planning and implementation of strategies and I'm also learning a lot about risk and reputation management, media relations, and public relations strategy."

Sam Marelich

Bachelor of Communication Studies, Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies
As the Managing Partner for San Francisco-based recruitment firm, The Collective Search, Sam Marelich spends his days creating opportunities and opening doors for his clients in the tech world. Although, if it wasn’t for a few very useful coffee meetings, he may not be where he is today.

Stacey McIntosh

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
Stacey McIntosh is the brains behind one of New Zealand’s latest fashion successes, and if you’re a bit clothes-obsessed, it’s likely you’ve heard of it.

Wietske Olthuis

Bachelor of Business
"My studies gave me an array of skills across different aspects of management, from communication right through to finance. These can be applied to so many areas of everyday working life."

Hannah Porter

Bachelor of Communication Studies

Adrian Smith

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours, Master of Management Studies
"My greatest strength I gained from Waikato is the ability to solve problems and create meaningful solutions. It’s now what I’m famous for – when the problem seems impossible they wheel me out."

Stevie Ward

Bachelor of Communication Studies
"The presentation skills I gained at Waikato have helped me become more confident with presenting training to staff and conducting interviews."

Louis Wilks

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
"The really great thing about Waikato University is the people, the lecturers, and all the friends you make."

Dillon Williams

"I’d heard that Waikato was the best place to be. Marketing grabbed my interest and it just developed from there."