Graduate profiles in Strategic Management

Jamie Carson

Master of Management Studies
"Studying Strategic Management at Waikato has given me an excellent set of tools to help navigate the uncertainties of new business."

Dillon Williams

"The whole BMS(Hons) degree is structured exceptionally well. The opportunities where you get to apply theories and models to real-life business cases are extremely valuable."

Greg Johnston

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
"If you’re looking to start your own business, the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree is ideal"

Rebecca Foote

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
"We’re a nation of small businesses, so understanding the business and management side of things is a big advantage in any career. I was able to tailor my degree to focus on Public Relations, backed by a solid foundation of business knowledge – there are few other degrees that offer that kind of flexibility."

Sharma McIntyre

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
Variety is the spice of life for Waikato Management School graduate Sharma McIntyre.

Graeme Sutherland

Bachelor of Business
"I’d always been someone who knew exactly what I wanted to do; I had this path all tracked out for my life, and then suddenly one day boom it was all over, and I thought, what am I going to do?"

Chantelle Cobby

Bachelor of Communication Studies
"When I was looking for a University, Waikato really stood out because of its smaller size, which meant I could develop personal relationships with other students and lecturers."

Hollie Waimatao Wilson

Bachelor of Business
As the first person in her family to attend tertiary education, Hollie Waimatao Wilson never imagined going to university when she was younger. But now she’s had a taste of it, she’s ambitious for her future business career.

Nicole Davey

Bachelor of Business
"I truly believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to have big dreams - hard work and having faith in your abilities will open the door to so many great opportunities."

Samaria Mason

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours, Graduate Certificate
"I know that I'll be able to use my business degree from Waikato to work anywhere in the world, and that I'll always be learning."

Kiriwaitingi Rei

Bachelor of Business
"I love how the University of Waikato continues to embrace kaupapa Māori and celebrate the Kīngitanga."

Kendl Hambly

Building a deeper understanding of customers’ thoughts, perceptions and behaviours has always been a keen interest of mine and a key driver in motivating me to pursue varied opportunities in the marketing and communications sphere.

Luke Coxhead

Walking in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary on a trek through the Himalayas is just one of the many incredible memories that Luke Coxhead will treasure from his time at Waikato University.

Genevieve Pye

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
Genevieve Pye says the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree has given her a fantastic springboard for her career in banking.

Cathan Bowler

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
"I’d heard the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours (BMS(Hons) degree had a mean reputation, so I thought, this is going to be something special. It has really opened my eyes up to so many new opportunities that I didn’t even know existed."

Daniel Stevenson

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
When Daniel Stevenson finished his management degree at Waikato, he headed straight to Sydney to work for Deutsche Bank. Now he's working on Wall Street in New York.

Dylan Wilson

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
"I’ve always known that I wanted to do a management degree at Waikato, because it suits my personality so well. I really enjoy talking to people and trying to solve problems. I was considering going to university in Auckland, but I’d heard really good things about the four-year Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree here in Hamilton; that it was well regarded by employers and includes a practical work internship; so that had a big influence on my decision."

Te Aorangi Murphy-Fell

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
"I knew that Waikato had a good reputation for caring about tikanga Māori and Māori students, so that was a big pull for me. The Management School also has a great reputation. For me, my career and life goals are not focused on making money; that’s just a by-product of doing work that is valuable in its own right. I'd like to contribute to the development and strengthening of the Māori economy, which is set to get even bigger in the future."

Alana Scott

Alana Scott is the owner-manager of A Little Bit Yummy, a business that works to create simple, yummy recipes for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome.

Luke Dingle

He’s a financial adviser by day, and a champion powerlifter by night. In his role as an associate at PlanWise in Mount Maunganui, Luke Dingle gives professional financial advice to clients about personal insurance and mortgages.

Louis Wilks

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
"The really great thing about Waikato University is the people, the lecturers, and all the friends you make."