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Recent Working Paper Series

Working Papers in the Department's Working Paper Series are available to purchase.

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ISBN No:Series NoAuthorTitle of Working Paper
 0-909013-93-4 82Mark Rodrigues, kathryn Pavlovich and John GilbertThe Indian Management Framework
 0-909013-94-2 83Kathryn PavlovichAlleviating Poverty Through Conscious Enterprise
0-909013-95-084Kathryn Pavlovich, Paresha Sinha & Mark RodriguesMaintaining Legitimacy Following a Coporate Scandal: The Fonterra-Sanlu Scandal In China
0-909013-92-985Mark Harcourt and Helen LamRestoring The American Dream: Bringing Democratic Representation Into Non-Majority Workplaces
0-909013-97-786Mark Harcourt and Helen LamCollaboration Between Unions In A Multi-Union Non-Exclusive Bargaining Regime: What Can the U.S. Learn From New Zealand?
0-909013-98-587Mark Harcourt and Helen LamIs Inter-Union Conflict Really Worse In A Non-Exclusive, Non-Majority Representation Regime? Lessons From new Zealand
0-909013-92-988Glyndwr JonesTales From The Trenches: Reflections Of Tutoring A Large First Year undergraduate Course
978-0-9922468-0-8 89Michele Akoorie, Joella Allot & Jennifer GibbThe Antecedents and Consequences of Guanxi: A Theoretical Model of Renqing, Ganging Trust and Xinyong and Their Influence on Relationship Committment.
978-0-9922468-1-590Alex Matheson & Michele AkoorieEconomic Impact Report on the NZ Sport Horse Industry
978-0-9922468-2-291Lewis Beattie, Jennifer Gibb & Paresha SinhaExploring and Exploiting Service Design: Competitive Implications
978-0-9922468-3-992Nickolas Ollington, Jennifer Gibb & Mark Harcourt Online Social Networks: An Emergent Recruitment Strategy
978-0-9922468-4-693Mark Harcourt, Helen Lam & Maureen HannayDistributive Justice, Employment at Will and Just Cause Dismissal
978-0-9922468-5-394Mark Harcourt, Helen Lam & Maureen HannayEmployment at Will versus Just Cause Dismissal: Applying the Due Process Model of Procedural Justice
978-0-9922468-6-0 95 Carol Clarke, Mark Harcourt & Matthew Flynn Performace Appraisal and Justice: A Health care Example
978-09922468-8-496  Ebony de Thierry, Helen Lam, Mark Harcourt, Matthew Flynn & Geoffrey Wood Reforming the Pension Plan as a Strategic HRM Initiative
978-0-9922468-7-797Jennifer Gibb & Barry Dodeswell The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Transforming Thoughts Into Action.