Graduate profiles in Supply Chain Management

Alex Bardoul

Bachelor of Management Studies
Rowing has been a part of Alex’s life for six years, since taking up the sport in his first year at high school.

Emily Hall

Bachelor of Management Studies
"The lifestyle that comes along with the Defence Force is like no other,” says Waikato graduate Emily Hall, a logistics officer for the NZ Air Force.

Angus Macdonald

Bachelor of Business Analysis
Angus Macdonald will be saying adiós to New Zealand and 'hola' to Mexico early next year.

Samaria Mason

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
Management graduate Samaria Mason (Te Rarawa Te Arawa) never imagined she’d one day be working for the start-up company that created the world’s first hydrofoil water bike.

Davis Palmer

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
Bachelor of Management Studies student Davis Palmer, 21, is studying in Hong Kong for a semester after winning a prestigious Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia.

Jarrod Saxton

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship
Jarrod Saxton is a self-confessed “daredevil in business” who gets a thrill out of running his own start-up company, Kita, which uses innovative technologies to improve the sport of rowing.