Graduate profiles in Supply Chain Management

Charlotte Callaghan

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
"I was able to complete two internships during the four years of my BMS(Hons) degree, one of them at Foodstuffs and the other at Manta5, which gave me a lot more credibility and experience when applying for my first job."

Ayesha Saeed

Bachelor of Business
"My dad wanted me to go to New Zealand because it is safe and because the University of Waikato’s Management School (WMS) has Triple Crown accreditation, and its rankings are very high, so he encouraged me to go for it."

Parth Patel

Graduate Diploma
"I am living my dream and one day hope to come back to the University of Waikato for a further qualification. I hope I can inspire other international students and help them believe they can achieve their dreams too."

Jarrod Saxton

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship
Jarrod Saxton is a self-confessed “daredevil in business” who gets a thrill out of running his own start-up company, Kita, which uses innovative technologies to improve the sport of rowing.

Samaria Mason

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours, Graduate Certificate
"I know that I'll be able to use my business degree from Waikato to work anywhere in the world, and that I'll always be learning."

Angus Macdonald

Bachelor of Business
Angus Macdonald will be saying adiós to New Zealand and 'hola' to Mexico, as the recipient of a Prime Minister's Scholarship to Latin America.

Aaminah Ghani

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
"What makes Waikato special is the staff and students. The university just has this atmosphere, this energy, where it’s all about collaboration, and you can create those connections with people in a really genuine way."

Dylan Wilson

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
"I’ve always known that I wanted to do a management degree at Waikato, because it suits my personality so well. I really enjoy talking to people and trying to solve problems. I was considering going to university in Auckland, but I’d heard really good things about the four-year Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree here in Hamilton; that it was well regarded by employers and includes a practical work internship; so that had a big influence on my decision."