2013 A Semester Trade Show

Theme: Safety Related Products

13a Tradeshow Winners

Most Creative: Kiwiana IQBest Dressed: Splatter
Best Display: Kiwiana IQ Best Dressed: Splatter
Best Display: Mouse Master
Overall Winner: Mouse Master

Tradeshow Exhibits

Mate LocateSwitchees
Site 01: Mate Locate

Site 02: Switchees

Sportlight ProCusto My Shoe
Site 03: Sportlight Pro Site 04: Custo My Shoe
Hard HitterHydra Band
Site 05: Hard Hitter Site 06: Hydra Band
Freedom SoundsStat Bat
Site 7: Freedom Sounds Site 8: Stat Bat
Tri FitOsmo Guard
Site 9: Tri Fit Site 10: Osmo Guard
Yoda MatWheely Easy
Site 11: Yoda Mat Site 12: Wheely Easy
The Bottle 2.0
Site 13: The Bottle 2.0 Site 14: iKey
Site 15: Knox Site 16: Smart-T
Cleat GuardsInfinity Base
Site 17: Cleat Guards Site 18: Infinity Base
Bod FitMultisole
Site 19: Bod Fit Site 20: Multisole
Electro BurstBolt Band
Site 21: Electro Burst Site 22: Bolt Band
Swing MagicSport Offside System
Site 23: Swing Magic Site 24: Sport Offside System
Shoe BeeKickin It
Site 25: Shoe Bee Site 26: Kickin It
Map My ShotAwe-Thumb
Site 27: Map My Shot Site 28: Awe-Thumb
Road SurferVelo
Site 29: Road Surfer Site 30: Velo
Plastic FantasticMy Fitness Friend
Site 31: Plastic Fantastic Site 32: My Fitness Friend
Golfing God
Site 33: Golfing God Site 34: Convert 'A' Ball
Site 35: Hydra-Flow Site 36: Fit-Chip
C-appEase off
Site 37: C-app Site 38: Ease off
Trip Wire
Site 39: Trip Wire Site 40: Breathe Ezy
Electro GuardSenses
Site 41: Electro Guard Site 42: Senses
Birdie VisionTracker
Site 43: Birdie Vision Site 44: Tracker
Site 45: SHOET Site 46: Ache-Aid
Site 47: Proskin Site 48: Power Gauge
The Human GillMagno-Bind
Site 49: The Human Gill Site 50: Magno-Bind
Treat 'n' SprayF-DM Hybrid
Site 51: Treat 'n' Spray Site 52: F-DM Hybrid
Ryder HydraterFree Charge
Site 53: Ryder Hydrater Site 54: Free Charge
Flate-a-chairSweet Spot
Site 55: Flate-a-chair Site 56: Sweet Spot
Site 57: Toastee Site 58: Deteca-Row
Camp PatchS-Board
Site 59: Camp Patch Site 60: S-Board
Scan-a-ballSwiftoff Pedals
Site 61: Scan-a-ball Site 62: Swiftoff Pedals
Flab Slasher
Site 63: Flab Slasher