Waikato Management School Case Competition

A Semester 2013 - 29 May 2013

Details of the Case
Company Name
Case Synopsis Tim Alpe, Chief Jucifier and co-founder of Jucy, contemplated the future of his rapidly growing company. Starting out renting cars in Auckland, in a short period of time Jucy had grown to be a major player in campervan rentals in New Zealand and Australia and had recently launched into the U.S. In New Zealand Jucy had also expanded beyond cars and campas to hotels and cruises. The world was full of exciting possibilities. The challenge was to prioritise opportunities to achieve the grand vision of iconic global tourism brand.
Case Author(s) Steven Bowden
Judges Oliver Smith – Telecom
Luke Thompson – Sales Manager JUCY
Rosalie Hodgeson – Waikato Link
Date of Event 29 May 2013
Time and Venue 6.30pm
PWC Lecture Theatre
Finalist Teams

Team Early Birds
Monice Cunningham 
Elle Deadman
Johnson Tang
Bryce Fausett 
Blair Housley

G Consulting
Abbe Banks
Apirana Daymond
Timoti Daymond
Sashin Lal
Gurleena Walia

Five Forces
Isabelle Atherton
Brad Barbour
Hannah Southgate-McNeil
Fleur Verdonk
Sarah Walker

Wicket & Co
Sarah Washer 
Sarah Oelofse 
Nirmal Patel 
Mark Kooter 
Michael Donovan

Winning Team

Five Forces

Video of event Team Early Birds
G Consulting
Five Forces
Wicket & Co
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