Waikato Management School Case Competition

B Semester 2014 - 15 October 2014

Details of the Case
Company Name
Case Synopsis In 1995 Waikato Tainui became the first iwi to settle with the Crown over Raupatu (land confiscation) providing a $170m legacy in the form of land and cash. Tainui Group Holdings has been the investment arm of Waikato Tainui that has been responsible for generating a commercial return from those assets. By 2014 TGH had built a portfolio with $841m under investment. But TGH was also a company in transition in 2014. Broadening the portfolio from being property-centric while making key decisions on the role TGH would play moving forward on the Ruakura inland port were central elements in building the right long-term investment profile for TGH.
Case Author(s) Steven Bowden
Judges Mark McCabe (PWC - Hamilton)
Rawiri Heke (PWC - Auckland)
Andrew Johnson (Lightwire, IT Partners)
Anna Bounds (University of Waikato).
Date of Event 15 October 2014
Time and Venue


PWC Lecture Theatre

Finalist Teams

Postman Strat

Damon Fisher
Robbie Hammond
Ross Howard
Leah Norman
Leo Rempe

The Office NZ

Angie Balle
Jarrod Jennings
Gina Milicich
Laura Pratt
Luke Wassenaar

Strategic Avengers

Susannah Leydon-Davis
Megan Popplestone
Adam Walmsley
Trent Webby
Louis Wright

The Five Forces

Harkaran Aujla
Andrew Greed
Anton Holder
Shaun Reed
Johnson Saju

Winning Team

The Strategic Avengers

Videos of presentations The Strategic Avengers