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  • Leaving a WSU legacy (13 December 2018)

    Nexus editor Lyam Buchanan and WSU President Candra Pullon both graduated from the University of Waikato this week, each leaving a student legacy and long list of achievements behind them.

  • Uni signals the turning of a new Paige (13 December 2018)

    Otumoetai College student Paige Taylor has been awarded a D.V. Bryant Trust University of Waikato Residential Scholarship and the Otumoetai Trust Undergraduate Scholarship, worth a total of $16,500, to study a Bachelor of Business at the University of Waikato in Hamilton.

  • From Waikato to Vietnam (12 December 2018)

    Thanks to the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, Waikato student Aaminah Ghani is starting an eight-week internship at Direct MX in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Dream job, no loan (6 December 2018)

    Next week’s graduation will be special for Golden Jubilee Scholar Anna Caudwell, who will graduate without a student loan and with a long list of academic and personal achievements to look back on.

  • Waikato students off to Asia and Latin America (20 November 2018)

    Waikato students have been awarded a combined total of $304,685 through the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia and Latin America.

  • Why the glass ceiling still needs shattering (20 November 2018)

    Researchers have shown it is still necessary to prove there is a gender pay gap, and that closing that gap may be an even bigger hurdle.

  • Travelling for pleasure, research, and a living (12 November 2018)

    University of Waikato tourism researcher Jun Wen is traveling the world to find out why people go places.

  • It's just simple economics (9 November 2018)

    Associate Professor Michael Cameron is a popular teacher and active researcher in population and health economics.

  • A trio of Fellows (1 November 2018)

    The Royal Society Te Apārangi has elected three University of Waikato academic leaders as Fellows.

  • How to survive disruption (26 October 2018)

    Dr Heather Connolly looks at the benefits of fostering a sense of experimentation in business.

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