16th Annual Waikato Management School
Student Research Conference

Conference Schedule

08.30amRegistration Open in MSB Foyer / Tea and Coffee from 8.15am
9.30-9.15am Opening Session in MSB.1.05 with Prof. Frank Scrimgeour, Dean, Waikato Management School
Session 1
Room MSB 1.01 MSB 1.02 MSB 1.03 MSB 1.05
Stream Finance - 1 International Business - 1MarketingTourism
Chair Sazali Abdin Paresha Sinha Mark Kilgour Anne Zahra
9.15-10.45am Salman Afkhamirad (WMS)
Global financial crisis and cost of equity capital
Vu Van Huong (WMS)
Higher productivity in Exporters: Self-selection, learning by exporting or both? Evidence from Vietnamese manufacturing SME's
Khalid Alsulaiman (Lincoln University)
The relationships between products' hedonic and utilitarian values and three word of mouth variables
Minghui Sun (WMS)
A case study in applying visual method for destination image research
  Sujani Thrikawala (WMS)
Corporate governance-performance relationship in microfinance organisations’ in India and Sri Lanka
Muhammad Raziq (Massey University)
Subsidiary Initiatives and the impact on subsidiary Autonomy: A quadratic model investigation of New Zealand and Brazilian MNE subsidiaries
Shanshan Wu (Auckland University)
Are brands important in strategic management ?
Ping Li (WMS)
An investigation of social impacts of tourism at Mt Qiyun Anhui province China
  Tuan Nguyen (WMS)
Do female directors add value? Evidence from an emerging market
Yanxia Lu (AIS St Helens)
Healthcare behaviour of Chinese students in New Zealand
Danile Hopper (WMS)
Rock concerts for New Zealanders as authentic consumption experiences
Tatsuru Nishio (WMS)
The Rugby World Cup 2011 New Zealand Rugby Fan Motivation
  Herman Sung
Shareholder wealth effect of merger and acquisition announcements
  Aisha Boulanour (WMS)
Deriving a theory on the role of goods and services in Islamic marketing
Fiona N'Drower (WMS)
Sustainable tourism practices in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea
10.45-11.15am Tea and Coffee Break in MSB Foyer
Session 2ABCD
Room MSB 1.01 MSB 1.02 MSB 1.03 MSB 1.05
StreamEconomicsCommunication Management Systems and Knowledge Mngt. Strategy and Human Resources Management
Chair Dan Marsh Debashish Munshi Chuda Basnet Linda Twiname
11.15-12.45pm Lula Mengesha (WMS)
Dollarization and monetary policy transmission mechanisms
Dot Brown (WMS)
Communication Networks of Men with Prostate Cancer
Mahmood Ghaznavi (Massey University)
Knowledge collaboration via informal (personal) networking: Does it really matters?
Chandra Sharma Poudyal (Waikato University) 
Private schooling and Fayol's principles of management: A case from Nepal
  Tuyen Tran (WMS )
Farmland loss and nonfarm participation among households in Hanoi’s peri urban areas
Sheryl Duffy-York (WMS) 
Supervisor-care worker communication: What is the role of organisational communication in providing home support service
Hongxing Du (WMS)
Visual representations for tacit knowledge management: framework and cases
Steven Carl Schwartz (WMS)
Happiness, unhappiness, consumption and older New Zealanders
  Alexey Kravchenko (WMS)
Estimating dairy farms’ demand for water
Charles Gillard (WMS)
Team-based Assessment in Tertiary Education
Debashish Mandal (WMS)
Extending canonical action research model to implement social media in microbusinesses
Grigorij Ljubownikow (Auckland University)
The competitive imperatives governing mutual forbearance
  Haseeb Bhatti (WMS)
Development and freedom: Does their denial cause violent conflicts?
  Mohamed Jaballah (Auckland University)
Reverse R&D Knowledge Flow: Within an emerging economy Context
Kanti Mohan Saini (Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, India)
Influencing Dimensions of Performance through Mindfulness: A Conceptual Review
Session 3ABCD
Room MSB 1.01 MSB 1.02 MSB 1.03 MSB 1.05
Stream Finance - 2 International Business -2Accounting Culture and Management
Chair Krishna Reddy Joanna Scott- Kennel Murugesh Arunachalam John Oetzel
12.45-1.30pm Linshan Liu, (WMS) 
Macroeconomic variables and stock market volatility: evidence from China
Muhammad Raziq (Massey University) 
Investigating the subsidiary entrepreneurship: evidence from New Zealand
Ruth Venter (WMS)
Evolving into integrated reporting
Denis Odlin (Massey University)
Cultural factors impacting planning in the internationalisation decisions of Taiwanese and New Zealand managers in the info
  Michele Li (Canterbury University)
The determinants and implications of CEO board membership
Hayden Skiffington (WMS) 
Advantages and disadvantages of offshore outsourcing experienced by SMEs in the New Zealand printing, publishing and packaging industries
Stuart Buchanan (WMS) 
Information overload: What information do retail investors really need when making KiwiSaver decisions?
Te Rauroha Pokaitara (WMS) 
Toku Mapihi Maurea: A Journey in Developing Maori Research Capacity
1.30-2.15 Lunch in MSB 4.02
Session 4ABCD
Room MSB 1.01 MSB 1.02 MSB 1.03 MSB 1.05
Stream Sustainability and CSR Economics and Finance Small Business and International ManagementStrategy
Chair Alison Henderson Mark Holmes Michele Akoorie Kathryn Pavolvich
2.15-3.45pm E. Y. Song (The University of New South Wales, Australia) 
Commitment to corporate sustainability: Effects of national and global cultures on corporate social
Reza Yaghoubi (WMS)
Net present value of acquisitions
Hayden Skiffington (WMS) 
A Managerial Framework to guide SMEs in the New Zealand Printing, Publishing and Packaging Industries.
Yadeed Lobo (Auckland University)
Valuing strategic choices - A Chairman's perspective
  Annika, Schneider (WMS)
A biodiversity jigsaw: a review of New Zealand legislation and initiatives
Faisal Alqahtani (Auckland University)
Short-run market performance of initial public offerings in Saudi Arabia:
Zakaria Boulanouar (WMS)
Bank-Small business relationship and the character assessment
Marlize De Witt (WMS)
The Implications of potential tensions between principles and rules based business approaches in New Zealand
  Ehsan Yaeghoobi (WMS)
Filipino Perception on Corporate Social Responsibility: A Study on Telecommunication Industry
Xin Shen (WMS)
Wealth Effects on Consumption Revisited: Does having a market- or bank-based system matter?
Mohamed Jaballah (Auckland University)
Subsidiary Knowledge Outflows: From Emerging Nation Subsidiaries to Developed Nations Headquarters
Grigorij Ljubownikow (Auckland University) 
Competitive Intensity and Diversification
Session 5   D
Room    MSB 1.05
Stream    Top Papers
3.45-4.30pm     Top Papers
4.30-5.15pm Tea and Coffee Break in MSB Foyer
5.15-5.30pmClosing Session in MSB 1.05 with Prof. Kay Weaver, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Postgraduate), followed by Awards Presentations.

We thank the Waikato Management School Dean, our paper reviewers, session chairs, presentation judges, MSC and External Relations staff, conference delegates and their supervisors for making this conference possible. (John Tressler, Linda Twiname, Mary Simpson, Gazi Hassan, Indu Peiris and the Conference Organising Team).