17th Annual Waikato Management School
Student Research Conference

Conference Schedule

08.30amRegistration Open in MSB Foyer / Tea and Coffee from 8.15am
8.45am-9.00am Opening Session in MSB.1.05 with Associate Professor John Tressler, Acting Dean, Waikato Management School
9.00am-9.05am Conference Housekeeping
Session 1ABC
Room MSB 1.01 MSB 1.03 MSB 1.05
Stream Finance - 1TourismMethodology/Careers
Chair Dr Nirosha Hewa-WellalageTBA Associate Professor Eva Collins
9.10am-10.35am Abhishek Mukherjee (WMS)
Compulsory Regulation of CSR and Investor Reactions: Evidence from Indian Economy
Yana Wengel (WMS)
Critical Discourses around World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms as a Part of Alternative Tourism
Denise Frost (WMS)
Why did I code it that way?
  Veshal Singh (WMS)
Dividend Payout Policy and Propensity to Pay: Evidence from Indian and Japanese firms
Ann Cameron (WMS)
Culture Constructed and Contested: Hotels, Boarding Houses and New Zealand Identity Formation 1880 - 1920
Sheeba Asirvatham (WMS)
Enhancing the Vitality of Women Academics Why radical feminist theory?
  Yun Shen (WMS)
Determinants of Capital Structure Choice: Evidence from New Zealand Listed Companies
Jenny Wang (AUT)
Mobilising Accounting as a Mechanism of Control in Hotels: A Foucauldian Analysis
Vicki Golsby (Flinders University)
Rites of Passage: Transition of Graduates into the Accounting Profession
  Xiaojun Gao (WMS)
Time-series and Cross-sectional Momentum Strategies under Alternative Approaches
Chaminda Dassanayake (WMS)
The Role of Consumption Values in Destination Decision-Making: A Qualitative Analysis
Esther Ngocha-Chaderopa (Otago)
To Employ or not to Employ: Exploring the Managers’ Perceptions of the Challenges Associated with Migrant Carers’ Employment in New Zealand
10.35am-11.00am Tea and Coffee Break in MSB Foyer
Session 2ABC
Room MSB 1.01 MSB 1.03 MSB 1.05
StreamFinance Systems/Knowledge Management/ManagementInternational
Chair Dr Geeta Duppati Dr Abraham Zhang Associate Professor Joanna Scott-Kennel
11.00am-12.30pm Tse Nee Low (WMS)
Determinants of Capital Structure during the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from Australia
Wen Luo (WMS)
Evolution of Triadic Relationships in Logistics Outsourcing
Muhammed Raziq (Massey)
Multinational Enterprise Subsidiary Roles in New Zealand: a Developmental Perspective
  Xin Shen (WMS)
Wealth effects on Consumption: Evidence from Quantile Cointegration in the Autoregressive Distributed-lag Framework
Hongxing Du (WMS)
Walking from the Individual to Organizational Level: An Ontological Framework for Tacit Knowledge Building and Sharing
Smita Paul (University of Auckland)
A Business Network Perspective on MNE Relationships: Combining the Lenses of International Business and Industrial Marketing and Purchasing
  Tuan Nguyen (WMS)
The Relationship between the Human Capital of Board Directors and Financial Performance: Evidence from Vietnamese Listed companies
Thi Thanh Huong Tran (WMS)
Perceptions of New Zealand Managers towards the Risks of Information Sharing across their Supply Chains
S N Win (Massey)
Geographic Distance and the Management of Foreign-Owned Subsidiaries in New Zealand
  Angela Ngataki (AUT)
Does the Market Care About the Enforcement of Continuous Disclosure?
Indu Peiris (Open Polytechnic)
Entrepreneurial Insight in the Pursuit of Identifying and Exploiting Opportunities
Mingyang (Ana) Wang (WMS)
Dynamic Capabilities, Resource Configurations, and Competitive Advantage in New Zealand’s High Technology Industry
12.30pm-1.30pm Lunch in MSB Foyer and display of posters
Session 3ABC
Room MSB 1.01 MSB 1.03 MSB 1.05
Chair Dr Michael Cameron Dr Alison Henderson Associate Professor Joanna Scott-Kennel
1.30pm-2.45pm Haseeb Bhatti (WMS)
Livelihoods and Post-War Legacies in Swat, Pakistan
Ehsan Yaeghoobi (WMS)
The Impact of Stakeholder Expectations on Corporate Transparency in a liquid modern world
Fred Angels Musika (Massey)
Understanding Developing Consumers: The Consumer Styles Inventory (CSI) in Tanzania
  Shaoyong Liu (WMS)
Do Different Types of Social Ties lead to Differential Access to Social Capital: A case study of Zoucheng, China
Travis Bartosh (WMS)
Freshly Picked this Morning: Globalization from Below Meets Farmers' Market Discourse
Sivakumari Supramaniam (WMS)
Transcending the Traditional Understanding of Reciprocity in Relationships in Service-Dominant Logic
  Vu Van Huong (WMS)
Firm Export Behaviour and Employee Benefits: New evidence from Vietnamese SMEs
Mohammed Alkharusi (WMS)
"They are friendly, but not friends": Arab Muslim Students' Perception of their Friendships with New Zealand Students
Nadia Shah (WMS)
The Definitional Landscape of Corporate Reputation: A Review from the Service-Dominant Logic Perspective
2.45pm-3.10pm Tea and Coffee Break in MSB Foyer
  Session 4
Room MSB 1.05
Chair Professor Delwyn Clark, Associate Dean Research
3.10pm-4.40pm Best Papers
4.40pm-5.00pm Award and Closing Session in MSB 1.05 with Professor Delwyn Clark, Associate Dean Research