2015 Proceedings

Session 1
Stream Communication Comparisons
Chair: Professor Delwyn Clark
Economic Modelling
Chair: Dr Michael Cameron
9-9.15 Travis Bartosh (MCOM)
Viewing the Local-Global Dialectic with an Emotion-Reason Dialectical Frame
Mubashir Qasim (ECON)
Measuring Sustainability and Well-Being
9.15-9.30 Yana Wengel (TOMG)
Exploring Community Needs with Creative Workshop Technique ‘Ketso’: A Community Film Series ‘Food for Thought’
Harold Valera (ECON)
Is Inflation Targeting Credible in Asia? A Panel GARCH Approach
9.30-9.45 Dot Brown (MCOM)
Communication Networks of Men with Prostate Cancer
Yang Hu (ECON)
Evmix: An R Package for Extreme Value Mixture Modelling with Application in Finance
9.45-10 Dara Dimitrov (ACCT)
Charity Regulation: An International Comparison
Anton Marais (ECON)
Using Agent-Based Modelling to Develop Small-Scale Population and Household Projections
10-10.15 Samir Harith (FINA)
Small Business: Measuring Risk
Seetha Ranathunga (ECON)
Impact of Economic Liberalization on Poverty Reduction in Sri Lanka: A Policy Discussion
10.15-10.30 Laurence McLean (SHRM)
Assessing the Risk: An Examination of Climate Risk Discourse Reporting
Farnaz Farhangi (ECON)
Forecasting Residential Water Consumption
10.30-10.45 Morning Tea
Session 2
Stream Emerging Process
Chair: Dr Suzette Dyer
Community Perspectives
Chair: Dr Alison Henderson
10.45-11 Sheeba Asirvatham (SHRM)
Echoing the Voices of Women Academics: A Trajectory from Career Aspirations to Personal Vitality
Fangxuan Li (TOMG)
An Exploratory Study on the Travel Expectations of Chinese Tourists in North Korea
11-11.15 Ana Wang (SHRM)
The Process of Intuition for Entrepreneurial Decision Making
Olufemi Omisakin (AUT)
Exploring the Migrant Experience in Small Business Activities in Auckland: A Case Study of African Migrants
11.15-11.30 Heidi Lu (MSYS)
An Exploration of Cloud-Based Technologies for Enhancing Emergency Management Capabilities in New Zealand Natural Events
Neihana Jacob (Massey)
Marae: Surviving into the Next Generation: Perception, Relevance and Governance of Marae
11.30-11.45 Sam Marelich (MKTG)
Social Media and Marketing
Thushini Jayawardena (AUT)
Buddhism and Ethical Decision-Making in Organisations: The Case of Sri Lanka
11.45-noon Muhammad Bilal Farooq (ACCT)
Qualitative Telephone Interviews: Strategies for Success
Long Yang (MKTG)
Transcending Industrialism to Advance Sustainability Marketing
12noon Prizegiving