2016 Proceedings

19th Annual Waikato Management School Student Research Conference
Monday 17 October 2016
8.30am Registration Open (MSB1 Foyer)
9.00am Welcome (Professor Deborah Willis) / Housekeeping (MSB1.01)
Session 01 A B C
Room MSB1.01 MSB1.05 MSB1.03
Stream Economics Management Finance
Chair Professor Mark Holmes Professor Bob McQueen Dr Leon Li
9.15-9.30 Yang Hu
Waikato Management School 

Bubbles in US Regional House Prices: Evidence from House Price/Income Ratios at the State Level
Rizwan Ahmad
University of Canterbury 

The Role of Co-Opetition in Building Resilient Supply Chain – A Case of Dairy Sector
Ruwani Fernando
Waikato Management School 

Parametric versus Semi-Parametric Model in Default Prediction: An Application to the Listed Companies in Sri Lanka
9.30 – 
Harold Valera
Waikato Management School 

Macroeconomic Effects of Inflation Targeting in Asia: A Regime-Switching Approach
Cobus Kilian
Waikato Management School 

Understanding a Sector in Transition through Prophetic Imagination
Bayu Fianto
Lincoln University 

Islamic Microfinance Institutions: An Empirical Analysis of Rural Households Welfare in Indonesia
9.45 –
Matthew Gibbons
Waikato Management School 

Great Nineteenth Century New Zealand Inventors
Rabia Ijaz
University of Canterbury 

Small Business Survival Through Business Model Evolution
Francis Agyekum
Waikato Management School 

ICT, Digital Financial Services and Inclusion: A Panacea to Inclusive Growth in LICs? Evidence from Ghana
10.00 –
 Rudy Harahap
Auckland University of Technology 

Integrating Individual and Organisational Performance Accountability Management Systems (PAMS) within the Indonesian Public Sector: Research Agenda and Preliminary Analysis
Hamza Ajmal
Waikato Management School 

Cross Sectional Analysis of Australia IPO Returns: A Quantile Regression Approach
10.15 - 
Morning Tea (MSB1 Foyer)
Session 02 A B C
Room MSB1.01 MSB1.05 MSB1.03
Stream Agribusiness/Environmental Economics Tourism Management Communication
Chair Dr Daniel Gregg Professor Alison McIntosh Dr Alison Henderson
Krishna Badaloo
Waikato Management School 

The Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Production in the USA.
Mary Anne Tumanan
Waikato Management School 

Place Attachment and Meaning: Cases from Huizhou, Anhui China
Jess Pasisi
Waikato Management School 

Niuean People, Culture and Identity: The Learning Experience of a Second- Generation Niuean doing Research on Niue
Kgolagano Mpejane
Waikato Management School 

Agricultural Trade within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region: The Role of Institutional Quality and Institutional Distance
Hongxia Qi
Victoria University of Wellington 

Personal Experience of Volunteering at Business Event: A case study of 2016 Shandong Entrepreneurship Programs Exhibition
Juang Liang
University of Canterbury 

University Collective Identity in a Multi-Agency Recovery Team
Yvonne Philips
Waikato Management School 

Including Secondary Destinations in a Model of Beach Site Choice
Jun Wen
Waikato Management School 

Language Facilitation for Chinese Tourists in Overseas Accommodation: Importance- Performance and Gap Analyses of New Zealand Hotels
Farnaz Farhangi
Waikato Management School 

Fourier Transformation for Seasonal Use Urban Water Demand Modeling
Fangxuan Li
Waikato Management School 

Chinese Tourists' Response to North Korea's Fourth Nuclear Test
11.45 - 
Lunch (MSB1 Foyer)
Session 03 A B C
Room MSB1.01 MSB1.05 MSB1.03
Stream Economics Health and Education Finance
Chair Dr Susan Olivia Dr Mary Simpson Dr Greg Hou
12.45 – 
Mike Webb
Waikato Management School 

Impact of Non-Tariff Measures on Exporting Countries: Estimates for the EU and New Zealand Markets
Pita Shelford
Waikato Management School 

Hauora in Action: Making Kaupapa, Community and Stories Count
John Fan Zhang
Auckland University of Technology 

Cultural Diversity and Firm Capital Structure
1.00 – 
Muhammad Irfan
Waikato Management School 

Household Energy Elasticities in Pakistan: An Application of LA-AIDS Model on Pool Data
Yi Mei Huang
Massey University 

The Influence of Personal Knowledge Management on Individual Decision making in Health Care Medical Treatment
Yuhua Xu
Auckland University of Technology 

Variance and Skew Risk Premiums for the Volatility Market: The VIX Evidence
1.15 – 
Ngoc Thi Minh Tran
Waikato Management School 

Local Institutional Quality and Return Migration: Recent Evidence from Vietnamese Return Migrants
Minh Le Pham
Auckland University of Technology 

How Vietnamese chose International Undergraduate Education, with an Emphasis on the Role of the Family
Majid Khan
Massey University 

A Review of the Approaches to Corporate Governance: Developing the Rules- Based/Principles-Based Dichtomy to Wider Application
1.30 - 
Awards / Closing (MSB1.01)