Funding grants for research projects

Waikato Management School staff and postgraduate students receive research funding from various organisations for a diverse range of projects.

Funding has been received from the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology (MoRST), the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST), the prestigious Marsden Fund (managed by the Royal Society) as well as government departments and agencies (e.g. Industry New Zealand, Ministry of Economic Development)

Examples of Waikato Management School's key research programmes are listed in the table below:

Research programme

Principal investigator (or Associate Investigator)

Source of grant


Kaumatua Mana Motuhake: Kaumatua Managing Life Transitions Through Tuakana-Teina/Peer Education . Professor John Oetzel and Dr Mary Simpson (AIs) Ageing Well National Science Challenge 2017 - 2019
He Kainga Pai Rawa: A Really Good Home Dr Mary Simpson Rauawaawa Kaumatua Charitable Trust  2017 - 2018
Virtual Health Care Trail to Prevent Recurrent Rheumatic Heart Disease amongst Waikato Young People with Rheumatic Fever Professor John Oetzel Waikato Medical Research Foundation 2017

He Pikanga Waiora: Making Health Interventions Work for Maori Communities

Professor John Oetzel 

Healthier Lives National Science Challenge 2016 - 2019
People, Cities and Nature: Restoring Indigenous Nature in Urban Environments

Associate Professor Eva Collins (AI)

Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) 2016 - 2020
Improved Evidence-Base for Food Security Planning

Professor John Gibson

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2016 - 2017
Whangarei One-Way Door Policy Evaluation

Associate Professor Michael Cameron

Health Promotion Agency 2016 - 2017
Freshwater Economic Research and Academic Support

Professor Graeme Doole

Ministry for the Environment 2015 - 2019
Do New Zealanders Take Climate Change Seriously? Professor Debashish Munshi Deep South National Science Challenge 2017-2019
The Price is Right? Professor John Gibson Marsden 2015-2017
SSAA and Alcohol Outlet Density Dr Michael Cameron Health Promotion Agency 2014-2016
Accessible Tourism in the Hawkes Bay Professor Alison McIntosh Ministry of Social Development 2014-2015
Executive Education Modules for the Japanese Market Dr Mark Kilgour Education New Zealand 2014
Testing the Validity and Robustness of National Wellbeing and Sustainability Measures Professor Les Oxley MOTU 2013-2016
National Value of Customer Reliability (VCR) Review Professor Riccardo Scarpa  Australian Energy Market Operator 2013-2014
Nitrogen Allocation and Trading Mechanisms Dr Dan Marsh  Dairy NZ 2013-2014
The Impact of Behavioural and Environmental Change on Health: Indoor and Outdoor Pollution and Immigrant Asthma in New Zealand Professor John Gibson Marsden 2012-2015
Can Firms Spend their way out of a Recession Professor Harald van Heerde Marsden 2011-2013
What Counts as Healthy Food? Balancing Organizational Tensions between Private and Public Agendas Dr Alison Henderson Marsden 2010-2012
Sustainability at the Crossroads: Examining the vulnerability of New Zealand's Global Environmental Positioning Professor Juliet Roper Marsden 2010-2012
Sustainable Citizenship: Transforming Public Engagement on New and Emerging Technologies Associate Professor Debashish Munshi (WMS) and Associate Professor Priya Kurian (FASS) Marsden 2010-2012
Engaging Senior Stakeholders: Positive Ageing at the Elder-Organisation Interface Professor Ted Zorn FRST 2009-2012
Sustainability Practices and the Management Accountant Professor Stewart Lawrence CIMA 2009-2011
The Role of Maori Cultural Support for Employees and Employers Associate Professor Jarrod Haar Marsden 2009-2011
Is Understanding Innovation the Key to Explaining Economic Growth Professor Phil McCann Marsden 2009-2011
The Current and Potential Impacts of Web 2.0 Applications on New Zealand Not-for-Profit Organisations Professor Ted Zorn BRCSS Network 2008
Physical, Technological and Social Infrastructure:  Professor Frank Scrimgeour MOTU 2008-2011
Building an e-Research Network to Analyse an Experiment Comparing Longitudinal Surveys with Retrospective Recall Professor John Gibson BRCSS Network 2008
Nine Million Pictures: Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery fro Spatially Integrated Poverty Mapping in China Professor John Gibson KAREN Fund 2007-09
Delivering Environmental Sustainability Outcomes for NZ's Pastoral Industries  Dr Dan Marsh FRST 2006-2011
Wealth and Health Effects of MigrationProfessor John Gibson Marsden 2006-2011
Organizing Collective Action against Globalisation: A Transformative Social Movement? Dr Shiv Ganesh Marsden 2006-2008
The Kyoto Protocol as a Measure of Commitment to Principles of Sustainability Professor Juliet Roper Marsden 2004-2006
Socially and Culturally Sustainable Biotechnology Professor Richard Varey FRST 2003-2008
Impacts of ICTs on Work and Communities Professor Ted Zorn FRST 2003-2008
The Communicative Properties of Science and Technology Dialogues Professor Juliet Roper MoRST 2003-2005
Public and Private Social Security Professor John Gibson Marsden 2002-2004
Maori Sustainable Development Professor Frank Scrimgeour FRST 2002-2003
The Socio-Economic Impacts of ICT Professor Ted Zorn FRST 2002-2003