WMS Publication Award

The WMS Publication Award aims to encourage academic staff at Waikato Management School to publish their research in top-quality journals.

For the purpose of this award, a top-quality journal is defined as one that appears in the Financial Times Top 50 journals list.

Staff who successfully publish an article in one of the Financial Times Top 50 journals will receive $3,000.

To build research capability, for any WMS co-author of an article who has not had an A/A* publication in the last five years, the amount of the award goes up to $5,000.

2021Dr Amanda Williamson Williamson, A; Gish, J.J; Stephen , U (2021) Let's focus on solutions to entrepreneurial ill-being! Recovery interventions to enhance entrepreneurial well-being, Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice
2021Dr Shivendu Pratap Singh Singh, S.P; Kermerer, C.F; Ramasubbu, N (2021) Innovation in complex assembled electronic products: An analysis of the evolution of television components, Journal of Operations Management
2020Professors Jake  Rose and Ania RoseNorman, C.S; Rose A; Rose, J; Suh, I (2020) An investigation of corporate directors' response to CEO pay ratio disclosures and say-on-pay votes, Human Resource Management
2020Professors Jake  Rose and Ania RoseRose, A; Rose, J; Suh, I; Thibodeau, J; Linke K; Norman CS (2020) Why financial executives do bad things: The effects of slippery slope and the tone at the top on misreporting behaviour, Journal of Business Ethics
2020Professor Rajeev Sharma Anand, A; Sharma R; Kohli, R (2020) The effects of operational and financial performance failure on BI&A-enabled search behaviors: A theory of performance driven search, Information Systems Research, 31(4): 1144-1163
2020Dr Amanda Williamson Williamson, A; Drencheva, A; Battisti, M (2020) Entrepreneurial disappointment: Let down and breaking down, a machine learning study. Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice,
2019Drs Jenny Gibb  and Paresha Sinha Sinha, P; Jaskiewicz, P; Gibb, J; Combs, J (2019) Managing history: How New Zealand’s Gallagher Group using rhetorical narratives to reprioritize and modify imprinted strategic guideposts, Strategic Management Journal
2019Dr Amanda Williamson Williamson, A; Battisti, M; Leatherbee, M; Gish JJ (2019) Rest, zest and my innovative best: Sleep and mood as drivers of entrepreneurs innovative behaviour, Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice
2019Professor Tim Coltman Hannan, J; Antons, D; Piller, F; Salge, T ; Coltman, T ; Devinney, T (2019) Containing the Not-Invented-Here Syndrome in external knowledge absorption and open innovation : The role of indirect countermeasures, Research Policy, 48(9)
2019Dr Paresha SinhaSinha, P; Smolvic, O; Jones, B (2019) Theorizing dramaturgical resistance leadership campaigns of Jeremy Corbyn, Human Relations
2019Professor Chellie SpillerSpiller, C; Wolgramm, R; Henry, E; Pouwhare, R (2019) Paradigm warriors: Advancing a radical ecosystem view of collective leadership from an indigenous Maori perspective, Human Relations