Welcome to the Network for Community Hospitality

The Network for Community Hospitality, co-facilitated by Professor Alison McIntosh and Dr Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten, is a group of people, researchers and not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand interested in sharing, collaborating and working together. The term “community hospitality” refers to the original meaning of the word hospitality, that is, welcome for the stranger, or, advocacy, shelter and care in the community. The Network has organisations involved from charities, the third sector and academics working together across sectors to share resources, knowledge and support each other around New Zealand’s social issues.

What we do

We facilitate inter-sector and inter-disciplinary collective research and activities. This includes sharing resources, cross-fertilization of knowledge and events that seek to make a difference to our society.


  • Action-based research projects and evaluations
  • Awareness and promotional events
  • Town and gown connections
  • Connecting students to issues in our wider society
  • Facilitating research internships and volunteering
  • Networking, advocacy and leadership mentoring


  • Thinking differently, working creatively
  • Mahia te mahi – ‘Getting the job done’
  • Working together to advocate for vulnerable populations
  • Eat, talk and be happy
  • Crossing thresholds to a more inclusive society

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