WMS's research expertise in leadership aims to disseminate research on leading edge practices in order to enable leaders to positively influence self, others and their organisations.

Affiliated Staff

Associate Professor Peter Sun (Leadership Communication)
Dr Maree Roche (Psychology)
Professor David McKie (Leadership Communication)
Dr Paresha Sinha (International) 
Dr Sudong Shang

Examples of Publications

Anderson, M. H., & Sun, Y. (2017). Reviewing Leadership Styles: Overlaps and the Need for a New ‘Full-Range’ Theory. International Journal of Management Reviews19(1), 76-96.

Dyer, S., Xu, Y., & Sinha, P. (2017). Migration: A means to create work–life balance?*. Journal of Management and Organizationonline, 16 pages

Gardner, D., Bentley, T., Catley, B., Cooper-Thomas, H. D., O'Driscoll, M., Roche, M., . . . Trenberth, L. (2017). Organisational strategies to manage workplace bullying. Journal of Health, Safety and Environment33(1).

Haar, J., Brougham, D., Roche, M., & Barney, A. (2017). Servant leadership and work engagement: The mediating role of work-life balance.New Zealand Journal of Human Resources Management (NZJHRM)17(2), 56-72

Anderson, M., & Sun, P. (2015). The downside of transformational leadership when encouraging followers to network. The Leadership Quarterly26(5), 790-801.