Responsible and Sustainable Management

Waikato Management School's expertise in this field is focused on enabling individuals and organisations to improve the environmental, social and economic impacts of their actions.

We are leveraging our expertise in these areas - including agribusiness, freshwater, lakes and river management - to have an impact on the responsible management of organisations and the development of responsible employment practices in New Zealand.

Examples of affiliated staff:

  • Co-Directors of the Research Unit for Responsible and Sustainable Management:
    Professor Les Oxley (Economics) and Professor Juliet Roper (Communication)
  • Professor Debashish Munshi (Communication)
  • Professor John Gibson (Economics)
  • Professor Graeme Doole (Economics)
  • Professor Grant Samkin (Accounting)

Examples of external funding:

  • Les Oxley Co-principal investigator on the Marsden funded grant: “Testing the Validity and Robustness of National Wellbeing and Sustainability Measures”, 2013-2016
  • Debashish Munshi Co-principal investigator, Deep South National Science Challenge Contestable Fund (2017-2019), 'Centring Culture in Public Engagement on Climate Change Adaptation in NZ'
  • John Gibson, Principal investigator, Funding from the World Bank, “Preparation of Small Area Estimation Poverty Maps for the Solomon Islands”, 2016
  • Graeme Doole, Funding from Waikato Regional Council for “Healthy Rivers Wai Ora Project: Farm Cost Model” (2016)

Examples of publications:

  • Greasley, D., Hanley, N., McLaughlin, E., & Oxley, L. (2017). Australia: A land of missed opportunities? Environment and Development Economics, 22(6), 674-698.
  • Wang, Y., Cheney, G., & Roper, J. (2016). Virtue Ethics and the Practice–Institution Schema: An Ethical Case of Excellent Business Practices. Journal of Business Ethics, 138, 67-77.
  • Kurian, P., Munshi, D., Kathlene, L., & Wright, J. (2016). Sustainable citizenship as a methodology for engagement: Navigating environmental, economic and technological rationalities. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 6, 617-630.
  • Deng, X., Li, Z., & Gibson, J. (2016). A review on trade-off analysis of ecosystem services for sustainable land-use management. Journal of Geographical Sciences, 26(7), 953-968
  • Beverly, C., Roberts, A., Doole, G., Park, G., & Bennett, F. R. (2016). Assessing the net benefits of achieving water quality targets using a bio-economic model. Environmental Modelling & Software, 85, 229-245
  • Nyamori, R., Abdul-Rahaman, A. S., & Samkin, G. (2017). Accounting, auditing and accountability research in Africa: Recent governance developments and future directions. Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal, 30(6), 1206-1229.