Since 2005, Waikato Management School's Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management has been hosting Chinese scholars, working with Chinese doctoral and other post-graduate students, and undertaking research with colleagues at Chinese universities that has involved contracts with Provincial Governments and significant players in the Chinese tourism industry.

This research has achieved high levels of quality and recognition, as with the award for outstanding research bestowed to Professors Gu Huimin and Chris Ryan by the Beijing Committee for Philosophy and Social Sciences for their work on tourism development in the hutong in Beijing.

Past doctoral students and guests have gone on to achieve significant academic and professional positions in China, so that today the department has a network that continues to support work and attract further attention from Chinese scholars. In 2013 a decision was made to formalise these connections and form the China-New Zealand Tourism Research Unit within the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

我们系从2005年开始接待来访的中国学者,并开始吸纳来自中国的研究生和博士生。同时,我们和中国大学的老师们一起开展中国境内的各种旅游研究项目,其中包括和省级政府机关及中国旅游业领军企业的合作项目。我们高水平的研究已经得到了普遍的认可,如北京第二外国语学院旅游管理学院谷慧敏教授与我系Chris Ryan教授合作的关于北京胡同旅游发展的研究荣获第十一届北京市哲学社会科学优秀成果奖。任教于中国不同大学的往届博士生和访问学者使我系和中国的大学保持了良好的合作关系,有利于将来进一步的合作和吸引更多中国学者。为了把这种联系正式化,我们计划2013年在新西兰怀卡托大学商学院成立中国-新西兰旅游研究中心。