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Note on research papers

Many of the publications written by, or co-authored by Chris Ryan can now not only be found on the publisher’s web sites such as but also through Research Gate ( They can be downloaded from both types of sources. Chris also has a record on

Papers relating to Chris’s research specific to China since the formation of the Unit in 2013 will also be slowly added to this web page.

September 2017

The first sets of results from the visitor monitoring programme at the Emperor Qin Mausoleum (the Terracotta Warriors Museum) have been analysed and a second set is being compiled by Chen Hui of the Xi'an International Studies University. In September we hosted a visit by Professor Pan, Dean of the School of Tourism at Xi'an International Studies University, and discussions are currently determining ways in which our relationship can be further developed.

May 2017

Professor Ryan attended the IAST conference hosted by Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou, and then travelled to Wuhan to discuss potentia projects with colleagues at Central China Normal University. I also met with Dr. Zhang Xiaoyu from Beijing Union University and one result was an agreement to undertake visitor monitoring at the Fuxi Mausoluem.

February 2014

This month has been marked by comings and goings. Zhao Kuan gained his doctoral degree on corporate social responsibility in the Chinese Hospitality Industry, Zhang Xiaoyu returned from Beijing with the data collected for her work on Grand View Gardens and a paper has been submitted to Journal of Travel Research in conjunction with WangYanning and Gu Huimin from BISU. Jin Yi, another of our doctoral students was passed by the confirmation committee and returns to conduct her research in Shandong on the role and workings of DMOs, while Eddie Hua has joined us from Beijing to conduct research on Chinese tourists in South Island.

October-November 2013

During this period Professor undertook a 7 week trip that took in visits to Sun Yat Sen University and (Guangzhou), South China Normal University (Guangzhou), Bejing Union University (Beijing), Zhejiang International Studies University, Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages and Zhejiang Tourism Institute (Hangzhou), Asia University (Taichung), National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality Management (Kaohsiung), Shih Hsin University, (Taipei), Xi’an International Studies University (Xi’an), Ankang University (Ankang), Macau Institute of Tourism (Macau), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) and Hainan University.  Each visit was associated with a series of presentations and the first photograph shows Chris at Sun Yat Sen University.  In addition Chris spoke at a conference organised by Professor Gu Huimin and Dr Molly Wang of Beijing International Studies University.

The visit permitted Chris to catch up with a number of past doctoral students and scholars who have visited the University of Waikato, and has advanced existing research projects and initiated the possibility of future ones. The ground work for later visits were also laid for Chris in 2014, while it is also planned that Dr Jenny Cave and Associate Professor Tim Lockyer will also make visits to various universities toward the end of 2014.  As a result of the visit papers were completed with Cui Xiaoming, Chen Hui and Hysin Lin for submission to journals and these papers are still currently under review at the time of writing (January, 2014).

In addition Chris will be making visits as a keynote speaker to Hong Kong Polytechnic University in May 2014, and to National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality Management in the same month.

January 2014

In this month the University of Waikato welcomed as a Visiting Scholar Associate Professor Zhou Bin from Ningbo University. Bin’s research interests lie in a number of different directions but the intention is to follow up with past work undertaken by colleagues with reference to Chinese visitors to New Zealand.

We would wish to congratulate Dr Li Ping on her wedding.  Not only did Ping gain her doctoral degree in 2013 and have her first publication (the first of many we hope) as a book chapter in Ryan and Huang’s edited book Tourism in China but in this month she won a teaching award from her university, Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages, but to top it all off, she was also married. Her husband works for the Bank of China in Greece.

Also this month Dr Minghui (Mindy) Sun aided Chris in preparing an interim report for the Hauraki Cycle Trust back in New Zealand, while Mindy also had accepted a paper co-authored with Chris but primarily based on her doctoral research in the Journal of Travel Research. In addition both she and Li Ping have had a further article accepted by Tourism Review International. In addition Mindy has had a paper accepted by the Journal of Travel Research.