The objectives of the Research Unit

1. To aid closer contacts between New Zealand and Chinese researchers and industry by:

  • co-operating in joint research projects
  • Supporting post graduate students in both China and New Zealand to undertake research and further their careers
  • Support exchange programs of staff and students

2. To aid industry by publicising research findings and making these publicly available through web pages where possible subject to issues of commercial confidentiality.

3. To undertake research that meets the need of the tourism industries of both countries.

4. To work with industry and other stakeholders such as the New Zealand-China Friendship Associations to further the interests of the members of the Research Centre in research and association in ways that benefit both China and New Zealand and the development of tourism in a sustainable and ethical manner.


  1. 协助参与新西兰和中国的联合旅游研究项目;为研究生和博士生在中国和新西兰的研究项目和他们未来的职业规划提供支持;为教师和学生在两国间的交流访问活动提供支持;
  2. 和旅游业分享研究成果;在保守商业机密的前提下,网上公开发表研究成果;
  3. 根据两国旅游业需求开展相关项目研究;
  4. 和旅游业及其他利益相关者合作,如新西兰中国友好协会;以期促进中国和新西兰旅游的可持续性发展和伦理的建设。