The Tourism Research Cluster at
Waikato Management School

Waikato is proud to be ranked 24th globally for tourism and hospitality management in the QS World University Rankings 2017, out of more than 4,000 universities worldwide.

QS World University Rankings

The Waikato UNWTO Monitoring Centre (2017)

Our China-New Zealand Tourism Research Unit has built upon almost two decades of work to become a formal research unit reporting to the Waikato Institute of Business Research. Its current work includes monitoring the world-famous Terracotta Warriors Museum in China.

We are proud to be associated with the tourism industry in the Waikato region, as well as having close links with tourism stakeholders in New Zealand and China.

The research team

Zhe Chen

Zhe Chen

Zhe is an assistant researcher who gained his Master of Management Studies (Tourism Management) at the University of Waikato. In this first New Zealand INSTO- UNWTO research programme, his role is to collect, analyse and present first-hand data from the community of Raglan. His main interest is to illustrate host and guest perceptions of tourism in Raglan, while his dissertation will focus on comparing first-time versus repeat visitors to the seaside town. He plans to continue his studies for a doctoral degree. In 2018 he begins his doctoral research programme which will be based on the UNWTO programme at Raglan.

Linrui Li

Linrui is also an assistant researcher who also gained her Master of Management Studies (Tourism Management) at the University of Waikato. In 2015, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in management in China, and in 2016 she elected to study under Professor Chris Ryan and has found herself part of the Raglan project in the UNWTO programme; something that she has come to very much enjoy. She will continue to help the programme in 2018.

Mary Anne Tumanan

Mary provides us with a further international outlook in our research. She lectures at the University of the Philippines and is currently completing her doctoral studies, based on living in the UNESCO heritage village of Hongcun in Anhui Province, China. She chose to come to the University of Waikato for several reasons, including New Zealand's reputation for friendly people. This research is one way in which she chooses to contribute to the lovely people of Raglan.

Junchuan Jessica Wang

Junchuan will be working with us in 2018 while completing her doctoral studies at Sun Yat Sen University. Her research interest is the behaviour of Millennial tourists, so expect to see her talking to the members of the surfing community and the younger visitors.

Charlie Panakera

Charlie said he was retiring after many years of lecturing in tourism and being engaged in consultancy and research with specific attention to the South Pacific Island Nations.  Living in Hamilton he will be providing his support and expertise and will liaise with various personnel and one of his functions in this project will be to examine issues relating to Airbnb accommodation provision and also to commence initial work in waste management.

The academic support team

Asad Mohsin

Associate Professor Asad Mohsin

A senior member of the tourism research cluster at Waikato Management School, and Chair of the Department of Marketing, which includes Tourism and Hospitality Management. His research interests relate to the hospitality industry and the nexus between academia and the tourism industries. He has published his research widely and in 2016 was an invited speaker at conferences in the United Kingdom and Portugal. Among his initiatives is the founding of a series of conferences in New Zealand on halal tourism.

Chris Ryan

Chris is Professor of Tourism and Director of the China-New Zealand Tourism Research Unit at Waikato Management School. He has undertaken work for the UNWTO in China, where he wrote reports that helped pave the way for Xishuangbanna Autonomous Prefecture and Changhsu City, Jiangsu Province to enter the UNWTO programme. His experience as a researcher had led to the publication of some 200 refereed research articles. He is leading the Waikato INSTO research programme.

Yinsha Zhang

Yinsha will be joining the staff in January 2018, and bring a number of important analytical skills to the group including use of GIS systems. She is completing her doctoral studies at the University of South Carolina (Columbia, USA) having completed her first degree at South China Normal University in Guangzhou and her second at Anhui Normal University not too far from the famous Huangshan.