The Positive Ageing project

Welcome to the website for our research project, Engaging Senior Stakeholders: Positive ageing at the elder organisation interface.

This three year project (2009-2012) was funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (formerly the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology).

In 2009 we began work on a series of research projects focussing on the relationship between people aged 65 years and over and a wide range of organisations, such as banks, supermarkets, government agencies and community groups.

We wanted to know how these two groups interact in society and where opportunities exist for their interactions to be more positive.

We already knew that some dealings could be frustrating and annoying, but they could also be a source of real pleasure.

One big question for us was, 'What makes the difference between a satisfying and a dissatisfying interaction?' And, most importantly, 'How can more interactions be made more satisfying?'

We designed a research programme to find out the answers to these questions. Funding assistance came from the Foundation of Research Science and Technology (now the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment). We were also supported by our key research collaborators, Age Concern Hamilton and Rauawaawa Kaumatua Charitable Trust also based in Hamilton.