Waikato Management School Leadership Academy

Waikato Management School's purpose is empowering people to grow so they can have a positive impact on the world.

In 2022 we launched the WMS Leadership Academy, which aims to grow the capabilities, confidence and character of ambitious and self-motivated Year 13 students.

Students who take part in the Academy will benefit from training in world-class leadership skills, and learn alongside their talented peers from different schools and backgrounds.

Throughout the programme there are many opportunities for leadership development, networking, self-reflection, exposure to influential leaders, and guest speakers

Feedback from schools and students who participated in the programme in 2022 was resoundingly positive, so for 2023 we are expanding the Academy to provide this great opportunity to even more young leaders.

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For more information, please email [email protected]

>> Watch video highlights of the 2022 WMS Leadership Academy:

The 2023 WMS Leadership Academy

This seven-month programme - starting on 21 February 2023 - is designed to build young leaders. It is ideal for year 13 students who are head students, sporting leaders, arts leaders, or otherwise demonstrate good leadership potential.

There is an emphasis on being ready to succeed at university, so we recommend this as an opportunity for students who plan to go on to university study.

Schools are asked to register their interest as soon as possible, and submit their student nominations for the programme by 13 February 2023.

For more information, please email [email protected]

Our team

WMS Leadership Academy team

Andrea Perry – Paper Convenor (MMS, University of Waikato; BCom, Victoria University of Wellington)

Andrea teaches courses in leadership and intercultural communication, and has a particular interest in how intercultural humility and competence is developed. She is passionate about supporting people of all ages and cultures to develop their unique, authentic leadership selves, making a vital contribution in all walks of life. Originally from Wellington, Andrea worked in advertising and communications and then moved to Amman, Jordan to work in the not-for-profit sector. She has also worked in international education, specifically the pastoral care of Middle Eastern students.

Jamie Fitzgerald – Leadership Academy Facilitator (BCS, University of Waikato)

Jamie is passionate about helping people realise their potential by co-creating an inspiring purpose, effective goal-setting and communication. Jamie is the CEO of his consultancy business, Inspiring Performance. and a Distinguished Alumnus of Waikato Management School. An avid adventurer, he has walked unaided to the South Pole and holds the world record for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. In 2011, Jamie managed the design and delivery of training to 7000+ Rugby World Cup 2011 volunteers.

Hannah Hall - Divisional Manager Students, Waikato Management School

Hannah leads the charge in ensuring students have access to the resources and support they need to succeed. With 13 years of experience in the education industry and a passion for student success, Hannah is committed to making Waikato Management School the place to be for students who want to excel and reach their goals. Hannah is the key contact for staff from high schools participating in the WMS Leadership Academy. She can provide information, guidance and support to help ensure the students' success in the programme.