Preparing for your programme advice session

Undergraduate students

  • 1. If applicable, make a list of the papers you have already completed towards your degree.
  • 2. Put these papers into a degree planner. You can collect a degree planner from the MSC reception.
  • 3. Use the Waikato Management School Student Handbook to look up your programme and major requirements. This will help you to work out what you think you'll need to do for this year of study or to complete your degree.
  • 4. Bring this information with you to your appointment and we'll go through it with you to make sure it's correct.

Graduate students

  • 1. Any changes or additions you want to make to your programme of study need to be signed off on your graduate planner by the Graduate Convenor for your department. You can pick up your graduate planner from the MSC front desk.
    **Please ensure you complete this before you visit MSC, as we are unable to approve any papers without the approval of academic staff.
  • 2. Please bring the planner with you when you come to MSC.