Our commitment to Māori students at WMS

Waikato Management School is committed to offering specific assistance and opportunities for our Māori students, with one in five (18%) of our student population self-identifying as Māori.

Māori student consultant

Our Māori student consultant - located in the Management Student Centre (MSC) - provides dedicated support to all Māori students within Waikato Management School.

Māori management student mentors

This is a group of dedicated senior Māori students who are dedicated to improving Māori student achievement. Their role is to positively engage with younger Māori students through one-on-one appointments, academic wānanga and whanaungatanga events, thus creating a supportive environment for students throughout their university life. You might need assistance with re-enrolment or advice about an upcoming assignment.

The Māori mentors are a team of present senior students who are here to help, support, awhi, tautoko and manāki you during your mahi here at the management school. They are available daily for a korero on any raruraru you may need help with. The Māori mentors have connections with student services and networks right across the university campus, through the Māori staff network - Te Puna Tautoko.

Their goal is to focus on helping Māori students to achieve academic goals and success through support and providing extra academic help for your classes where you need it. They are here for all Māori management students. The Māori mentors, are senior students who have "been there, and done that".

The Māori mentors are here to help you with any issue, including:

  • Academic support for your papers
  • Dealing with lecturers and tutorials
  • Whanau and money issues
  • Links to Māori support services/networks
  • Study tips for tests and exams
  • General know-how

They want to make sure that your study here with us is successful. The Māori mentors will play a key part in making sure that Māoritanga in the WMS is alive and kicking, and that as they say on the pouaka whakaata, its all about whanau!

Maori student organisations

Te Ranga Ngaku

Te Ranga Ngaku is a student network group made up of Māori management students who manaaki, awhi and tautoko each other during their time at University.  Moving away from home can be rather daunting, so join Te Ranga Ngaku and make new friends and family for life.

Te Puna Tautoko

Te Puna Tautoko is a university-wide Māori support network dedicated to improving and enhancing Māori student success here at Waikato. They can connect you to the multitude of support services available on campus.

MAI ki Waikato

MAI ki Waikato is the Waikato arm of Te Kupenga o MAI, a national network focused on supporting Māori and Indigenous PhD students. You can connect with them through their Facebook page.

Kingitanga Day

Kingitanga Day is an annual event held on campus that celebrates the unique connection of the University of Waikato with Waikato-Tainui and the Kīngitanga. You can look forward to plenty of good kai, hangi, workshops, guest lectures and cultural activities.

Counselling and spiritual support

Coming to University means big changes in your life and you may need someone to talk to if you experience personal stress, course related difficulties or relationship problems.

A full-time Maori counselor is available on campus to talk with you. There are also regular religious services held on campus at the Lady Goodfellow Chapel and Kohinga Marama Marae.