Writing Your Report

Once you've collected all your data from your sponsoring organisation, it's time to focus on writing your report.

Suggested Structure

All 499s are different, and so allowances should be made for the individual characteristics of each investigation, but the general outline described below should guide you in how to structure your 499 report. For structure guidelines specific to your subject area, you should consult your paper outline and your supervisor.

For 599s this outline forms a good basis but further depth is required - discuss this with your supervisor.

Executive Summary

  • Maximum length of one page
  • The whole investigation encapsulated, and should include:
  • The problem investigated The research method(s) used
  • The major findings
  • Recommendations


  • Scene setting, background to the organisation and the investigation
  • Research question(s) or objectives
  • Reasons for the study
  • Why the study is important
  • Scope

Literature Review

  • Literature review (what others have learned about this subject before)

Research Method

  • Method(s) used and why
  • Advantages, disadvantages, limitations of the research method(s) used
  • Analysis techniques
  • Ethical considerations


  • An analysis of the data collected
  • Summary of what was found


  • Assessment of what was found
  • Relate and support with the appropriate literature


  • The answer(s) to the research question
  • The conclusions


  • What should be done as a result of the investigation's findings? Further investigations indicated as a result of this study?



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