Guide for students

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

The Waikato Management School offers 3 types of WIL papers to our Bachelors students

The *96  internship paper,  or the *95 Industry Experience paper.  or the *99 Report of an Investigation paper

This chart will help you compare the different papers

Everything you need to know for 2019  (DRAFT)

We are in the process of getting a new website designed but here is the draft information for 2019.  Tauranga students, interviews will be held in Tauranga once we have a location

Powerpoint of the  information session in Hamilton 1pm 27 February in MSB1.01

For students interested in Corporate Internships (November - February) internship applications usually open on the organizations website FB late January early February.  This a list of some of the Corporate Programs available

The 96 provides students exciting opportunities to undertake a real-world project for a business, students are immersed in the business to conduct the research and present solutions for fixing the problem. In some instances students are also responsible for the implementation of their recommended solutions. The Project you undertake will provide you a chance to combine your learning so far at university, and the report you complete for the organisation makes up a significant part of your assessed component.

The facts:

How long is it? These vary, we recommend 1 day a week for the duration of your internship (a minimum of 150 hours for 396 and 496 and a minimum of 200 at 596). Most internships are between 10 and 15 weeks for 396 and 496 and about 20 weeks for 596.

What counts as an internship? You need to be working on a project directly related to your major, or in rarer cases completing a placement in a larger company that provides direct exposure and experience that is relative to your major.

How do I enrol? You need to first have a project- check the Facebook group or get in touch with [email protected] for how to apply for any available internships. You can’t be accepted into the course without start dates for your internship.

Can I find my own? Of course, we recommend not using a family business, as the point is to build networks, but if you have a company that has offered you an internship, you will need to run it by us. New companies need to fill out two different forms, and there is also an information sheet here for new businesses!

If you want information on how to find an internship you can see this document here!

When does it start? Anytime! The 99 and 96 courses can be begun at any date in the year.

The 99 is a research project undertaken by a student with academic supervision. This project aims to solve a ‘problem’ and should be related to a company or industry that this might impact. It provides students the chance to complete a significant body of work with academic merit. Students undertaking a 99 will need to discuss a topic that interests them with their supervisor or subject convener.

The facts:

How do I come up with my topic? Your topic should be an area relative to your major that is of specific interest and relevant in some way to either a specific business, industry or greater business community.
What do I do to start? You need to fill in a proposal form, identifying your topic and get in touch with your departments 99 convenor. They will allocate a supervisor to you.

Once you have a supervisor who has approved your topic! Great! You are set to go, your supervisor will advise MSC of the start dates for your 99 and your enrolment can be completed.

How long is it? Your enrolment is a 26 week period, your dates for the 99 project are set once your proposal has been approved and the supervisor assigned (ie. has agreed to supervise). Revisions of the topic with your supervisors help are included in the 26 weeks you have to complete the full report. Please note that your draft report should be submitted to your supervisor and second assessor 1 month prior to this end date.

When does it start? Anytime! The 99 and 96 courses can be begun at any date in the year.

Who are the people to contact?

This paper is only offered over summer and facilitates immersion experience in a business, industry or other organisation internship. Students spend 4-13 weeks (minimum 150 hours, but 300+ hours is preferred) immersed full time during normal business working hours in a host organisation they find for themselves. There are three key pieces of assessment to complete between November and February however students need to find a host in advance as this will go through an approval process.

The facts:

What kind of companies should we choose? Students need to have a chance to learn about the operations of the business and access to their specific major area of the business. Larger companies often provide greater experience and will be more easily approved. SME’s can also provide great learning providing there is an area of the business that relates to your major for you to gain experience in.

What happens if my host isn’t approved? Most will be approved but if for some reason your host choice is entirely unsuitable you will be given clarity on why and will need to look elsewhere, this is one of the key reasons we suggest the hunt begin mid year and the application (host form) be submitted as early as possible.

Can I do summer school too? Really strongly not recommended but it is best to have a discussion about this with us.

Do I have to be paid? No. If you can afford to immerse yourself in an organisation without being paid that is accepted, however for most students they need this as a summer job also.

Do you have suggestions of where to look and how to start? Absolutely! Check out this document here for some information!
When does I need to enrol by? The course officially begins on 11 November however your Host Organisation form needs to be submitted PRIOR to this by October 18th