Summer School - admission criteria

For students currently enrolled at Waikato Management School, the usual paper and programme regulations apply.

We welcome students from other faculties at the University of Waikato. If you wish to enrol in Summer School papers but are not enrolled in a Waikato Management School qualification, you need to ensure you meet the prerequisites for the paper(s) you wish to enrol in.

Students from other tertiary institutions

You will be considered for a place at Waikato Management School's Summer School if you have achieved at least seven passes with a B grade average in your current tertiary qualification. You must provide verified documentation with your application to enrol (ie. an academic transcript), otherwise your application may be delayed.

International students

International students applying for Summer School will need to contact The University of Waikato International Centre.

Phone 07 838 4439 or email [email protected]

Important notes for all students

  • Students may not enrol in more than two undergraduate papers (levels 100 to 400) or more than one graduate (level 500) Summer School paper.
  • The timetable is subject to change. It is important to confirm your timetable prior to the beginning of Summer School.
  • Due to the intensive nature of Summer School papers, no timetable clashes are permitted. Applications for papers with timetable clashes will not be approved.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any papers you do during Summer School can be transferred towards your current qualification.

For more information please contact the Management Student Centre (MSC).

Phone: 07 838 4303
Email: [email protected]