Student profiles - Waikato Management School


Adrian Smith

Digital Business
"My greatest strength I gained from Waikato is the ability to solve problems and create meaningful solutions. It’s now what I’m famous for – when the problem seems impossible they wheel me out."

Kendl Hambly

Marketing, Strategic Management
Building a deeper understanding of customers’ thoughts, perceptions and behaviours has always been a keen interest of mine and a key driver in motivating me to pursue varied opportunities in the marketing and communications sphere.

Luke Coxhead

Marketing, Strategic Management
Walking in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary on a trek through the Himalayas is just one of the many incredible memories that Luke Coxhead will treasure from his time at Waikato University.

Dillon Williams

Marketing, Strategic Management
"The whole BMS(Hons) degree is structured exceptionally well. The opportunities where you get to apply theories and models to real-life business cases are extremely valuable."

Todd Harper

Marketing, Public Relations
"Good communication is absolutely critical to the success of any organisation that needs to make well-informed decisions."

Shaun Kirkham

Public Relations

Genevieve Pye

Finance, Strategic Management
Genevieve Pye says the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree has given her a fantastic springboard for her career in banking.

Cathan Bowler

Finance, Strategic Management
"I’d heard the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours (BMS(Hons) degree had a mean reputation, so I thought, this is going to be something special. It has really opened my eyes up to so many new opportunities that I didn’t even know existed."

Hannah Dinh

Since completing a Master of Management Studies in Finance with first class honours, Hannah Dinh is now employed as an operations lead at Google in Ireland.

Sean McKenna

"If you dream big, Waikato can open up any door and provide you with a solid foundation to achieve on both the national and international stage."

Stevie Ward

Human Resource Management, Marketing
"The presentation skills I gained at Waikato have helped me become more confident with presenting training to staff and conducting interviews."

Nicole Davey

Strategic Management
"I truly believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to have big dreams - hard work and having faith in your abilities will open the door to so many great opportunities."

Kym Hambly

Human Resource Management
Human Resources hadn’t really crossed Kym Hambly's mind as a potential career option until she took a paper on organisational behaviour in the second year of her Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree.

Brittany Oliver

"It has been an absolute whirlwind, but I have loved all the learnings and experiences. I now get to manage the global business development of the range across sales, marketing and operations. It has been epic! I'm still learning every single day."

James Forster

Working for the Chiefs Rugby franchise has been the perfect career start for James Forster, a social media marketing specialist who did his Bachelor of Communication Studies degree at Waikato University.

Ellyse Bowen

Marketing, Public Relations
Ellyse Bowen started out as a marketing intern at the University of Waikato, and she jumped at the chance to work here full-time.

Abbey Hilson

Marketing, Public Relations
"Creating a real-life public relations campaign in third year was 100% the highlight of my BCS degree. We learnt how to deal with people, clients, deadlines, stress and all the things that come with working in the real world. It was a great stepping stone."

Sharma McIntyre

Finance, Strategic Management
Variety is the spice of life for Waikato Management School graduate Sharma McIntyre.

Daniel Stevenson

Finance, Strategic Management
When Daniel Stevenson finished his management degree at Waikato, he headed straight to Sydney to work for Deutsche Bank. Now he's working on Wall Street in New York.

Greg Johnston

Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management
"If you’re looking to start your own business, the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree is ideal"

Lee Reichardt

Digital Business, Electronic Business
While studying digital business at Waikato, Lee Reichardt co-founded his own web design agency,

Zaira Najam

"I chose Waikato for its quality education, world-class ranking, good faculties and supporting staff. When I got here I couldn’t believe how beautiful the campus was and how friendly the other students were. Life in New Zealand is so different. You can live your life to the fullest and I have meet so many friends here from New Zealand and all around the world."

Alex Kravchenko

"The technical and academic skills I learnt at Waikato I use every day. I first felt a bit humbled when I started [at the UN] as some interns came from Harvard, the London School of Economics, Oxford, but I was happy to realise that the education I received put me on an equal footing with them in terms of my ability to perform."

David Dai

Economics, Finance
The future looks promising for David Dai, who’s landed a top role as a senior associate at BNZ Waikato – normally reserved for the best and brightest graduates after 12 months of intensive training.

Bradley Sam

Economics, Law
"“My exchange was one of the best parts of my university life. It’s been a positive discussion point in job interviews and has definitely helped me get to where I am today.”"

Matthew Osborne

Economics, Finance
When he’s not focused on the financial markets, Matthew Osborne is enjoying the waves on Sydney’s northern beaches. The BMS(Hons) graduate works for the financial markets team at Westpac Institutional Bank, where his expertise in in foreign exchange (FX) derivatives.

Kale Isaac

Economics, Law
"The high calibre of academic programmes and lecturers was one of the primary reasons I chose to study here. Waikato is also very strong at promoting teamwork in a supportive environment."

Xiao Ying

"I enjoyed studying with the joint institute and would love to go back to New Zealand one day. My advice for all current ZUCC students is just to enjoy the experience and make the most of all opportunities!"

Anton Steiner

"A senior associate from Deloitte advised me that if I was really interested in consulting work, then I should consider additional study. Digital technology is transforming all aspects of business, so graduates who have skills in e-commerce are really valuable."

Matt Kenrick

Digital Business, Electronic Business, Marketing
"My degree put me one step ahead of the competition, as it enabled me to develop contacts in the industry much earlier than some of my peers."

Dannie Jefferies

Digital Business
"We don’t know what technological advancements are around the corner, but Waikato’s Master of Digital Business means you can be right on the edge of development. The MDigiBus has given me confidence around digital strategy and problem solving. The recognition and support I've received from the lecturers has just been phenomenal."

Samaria Mason

Digital Business, Electronic Commerce, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management
"I know that I'll be able to use my business degree from Waikato to work anywhere in the world, and that I'll always be learning."

Thomas Macdonald

Agribusiness, Finance
Having grown up on a dairy farm in Gordonton, Thomas Macdonald has always been passionate about farming. He says it was a huge advantage for him to study agribusiness at Waikato University.

Kristy Manley-Griffin

"Most of my life I’d been told that I have potential, but I always wondered what it was that I should really do. I remembered enjoying accounting at high school, because I’ve always been good with numbers, but I wasn’t focused enough academically at the time, so I put it on the backburner."

Chandrashekar (Chandra) Raju

"“The entire programme is structured in a very thoughtful way, starting with the basics, then moving from intermediate to advanced accounting topics. The course brings in elements of information systems and law as well, so we can be decision makers not just book-keepers.”"

Hayley Flett

"It was exactly what I was looking for. Being able to say that I’m the first in my family to have a master’s degree is also pretty awesome."

Aleena Sutton

"Studying accounting provides you with many different options. It enables you to work in various branches of accounting and a wide range of industries. It’s also beneficial if you want to start up your own company or work in other areas of business."

Tim Doyle

Accounting, Management
"The whole student experience at Waikato was awesome; it creates a huge network after completing university too."

Judit Dervadelin

"I wanted a shorter course, and Waikato was the only university in New Zealand offering an intensive 14-month masters in accounting."

Nathan Carrasco

Economics, Finance
Nathan Carrasco feels grateful for the many opportunities he’s enjoyed as part of his management degree at Waikato. They include some incredible lecturers, a summer internship at the Commerce Commission in Wellington, and the WMS Case Competition. "I thought Waikato was the right place for me because it’s slightly smaller scale, so it’s really friendly and supportive. I liked the lecturers as well; their office was always open to have a chat.”

Olivia Kerbers

Public Relations
""The Bachelor of Communication degree gives you a well-rounded balance of theory and how that’s applied in practice. You get so many opportunities to test your knowledge and put your creativity to the test through real-life scenarios, instead of just sitting there reading about it. You’re well supported by your lecturers and tutors, who help you to continually develop your skills.”"

Parth Patel

Supply Chain Management
"I am living my dream and one day hope to come back to the University of Waikato for a further qualification. I hope I can inspire other international students and help them believe they can achieve their dreams too."

Hollie Waimatao Wilson

Marketing, Strategic Management
As the first person in her family to attend tertiary education, Hollie Waimatao Wilson never imagined going to university when she was younger. But now she’s had a taste of it, she’s ambitious for her future business career.

Annalea Tumutoa

Cook Islands-born Annalea Tumutoa has said “e no'o ra” (goodbye) to her fun-filled career as a flight attendant and “kia orana” to the corporate world on her new journey as a recently qualified accountant.

Kajol Thanki

"My time at Waikato has been characterised by a lot of learning and personal growth. I’ve learned new skills and have been pushed outside of my comfort zone through experiences that I could never have imagined I would be a part of when I first started."

Kiriwaitingi Rei

Māori Language/Te Reo Māori, Strategic Management
"I love how the University of Waikato continues to embrace kaupapa Māori and celebrate the Kīngitanga."

Courtney Stayte

Public Relations
As a senior account manager, Courtney is responsible for overseeing a variety of campaigns and activations for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Nadine Parata

"Balancing travelling the country for work, spending time with family, and studying has been a challenge, but nothing that is worth doing is going to be easy – and the MBA is definitely worth it."

Greg Pearce

Finance, Management
Greg Pearce has built America's Cup yachts, and worked on international aerospace and energy projects. But it took him 20 years to begin his tertiary education at the University of Waikato - and he certainly doesn't do things by halves.

Andrew Mumford

Andrew Mumford says the Waikato MBA programme gave him a new repertoire of resources to call on and inspired his passion for seeking new ways to solve problems.

Tahl Lawrence

With a background in civil engineering, Tahl Lawrence signed up for the Waikato MBA to broaden his outlook and extend his professional skillset. "It gives you the tools to make some great choices in your career," he says.

Raewyn Mahara

Education Studies, Māori Language/Te Reo Māori, Management, Teaching
With over 20 years’ experience in the education sector, Raewyn Mahara decided to take the next step in her professional development by joining the MBA programme at the Waikato-Tainui College for Research and Development.

Clare Swallow

Clare Swallow says her Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies has given her the confidence to back herself to take on new opportunities, and find solutions when things are not 100% on track.

Nick Kemp

With a background in IT and a passion for learning new things, Nick Kemp chose to throw himself wholeheartedly into a postgraduate business qualification at Waikato Management School.

Grant Kedian

"The Waikato MBA programme far exceeded my expectations and taught me aspects of business that many managers and leaders would perhaps not even consider. It was an absolute eye opener and allowed me to significantly develop my leadership abilities and my general business acumen."

Heather Johnston

"I am genuinely passionate about future-proofing our people and our environment to do things better, and am driven by the evolution of fresh thinking and innovation that step changes us all to a more safer, sustainable future."

Mark Hosking

Having spent the past 12 years working as a veterinarian in the dairy industry, finding a university with strong links to the agricultural sector, and an MBA with a grounded approach to practical business, was the key to helping Mark advance his career.

Richard Kinzett

Richard Kinzett wanted to understand more about corporate management and leadership when he decided to enrol for the Waikato MBA. Now he holds a senior management role in Brisbane, Australia.

Christine Hall

Coming from a health background as an occupational therapist, Christine Hall wanted a business qualification that would enable her to progress her career and move into management roles in other industries.

Nicola Daisley

Nicola Daisley says her four-year journey to gain the Waikato MBA was extremely rewarding and helped her achieve what she set out to do.

Hana Grant

Hana Grant (Ngati Pikiao and Tapuika) graduated with a Waikato MBA in 2010. She says a highlight of her experience was the 10-day study tour to China and Singapore.

Ipu Hapi

Ipu Hapi likens the Waikato MBA to a sacred taonga, like the All Blacks jersey. “It is a symbol of excellence, hard work, and shows that with effort and sacrifice I can become all that I want to be.”

Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper has been an All Black and is currently a CEO with a six million dollar budget, but he decided he needed to get some formal qualifications next to his name.

Grant Anderson

Taupo man Grant Anderson was looking for further career advancement, and a way of formalising the value of his decades of experience as a Chartered Accountant and director, when he signed up for the Waikato MBA.

Hayden Johnston

"Throughout my career so far I have found myself applying the skills I learned in BBA papers such as international corporate finance, portfolios and markets, and economics, law and policy."

Angus Macdonald

Economics, Supply Chain Management
Angus Macdonald will be saying adiós to New Zealand and 'hola' to Mexico, as the recipient of a Prime Minister's Scholarship to Latin America.

Brad Sherman

Brad Sherman has been a gardener, a cook in a takeaway bar, exercised dogs for a pet motel, ushered at Chiefs rugby games, and tutored university students. Thanks to his BBA degree at Waikato, he's now employed as a consultant for Deloitte New Zealand.

Ryan Clark

When contemplating which degree to take at uni after high school, Waikato Management School’s solid international reputation was what really stood out for Ryan Clark.

Nick Ross

Black Sticks hockey player Nick Ross credits the analytical and business skills he honed at Waikato Management School for securing a career at Fonterra that he enjoys so much.

Mariah Ririnui

Public Relations
"My degree gave me a really good foundation of skills, communication skills, written and spoken that I could apply to a lot of situations."

Chantelle Cobby

Leadership Communication, Strategic Management
"When I was looking for a University, Waikato really stood out because of its smaller size, which meant I could develop personal relationships with other students and lecturers."

Aaminah Ghani

Marketing, Supply Chain Management
"What makes Waikato special is the staff and students. The university just has this atmosphere, this energy, where it’s all about collaboration, and you can create those connections with people in a really genuine way."

Courtney Dick

Economics, Law
"By going in-house, I have been able to utilise both my degrees. It’s nice to be part of the business process and strategic management, and I work with multiple teams including finance, creative, procurement and strategic."

Graeme Sutherland

Marketing, Strategic Management
"I’d always been someone who knew exactly what I wanted to do; I had this path all tracked out for my life, and then suddenly one day boom it was all over, and I thought, what am I going to do?"

Bella Takiari-Brame

Accounting, Finance, Māori and Pacific Development
"The experiences and peers that I met during my time at Waikato are forever connected. The University has a special place in my heart and always will. It offered lots of opportunity for Māori when I first started studying here, and still does"

Srishti Kaur

"The course helped me to think about my business from a fresh viewpoint, and helped me with my web presence and Google Analytics."

Leeann Morgan

"I can’t speak highly enough of my lecturers; they were fantastic. Waikato was the most amazing agribusiness programme to be associated with."

Hannah Porter


Tessa Preddy

Leadership Communication, Public Relations
"My advice for students is to move away to the bigger cities like Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch as there are so many opportunities for communications work. Spread your wings and get out of Hamilton!"

Callum Saunders

"I realise that I won’t be cycling competitively forever and I’ll be able to put my degree to good use."

Briar Thompson

Public Relations, Spanish
"“I valued the relationships I had with my lecturers, who challenged and inspired me, and who took an interest in what I wanted to do next and supported me to get there.""

Celine Kao

Leadership Communication, Public Relations

Stacey McIntosh

Marketing, Public Relations
Stacey McIntosh is the brains behind one of New Zealand’s latest fashion successes, and if you’re a bit clothes-obsessed, it’s likely you’ve heard of it.

Sam Marelich

Design Media, Marketing
As the Managing Partner for San Francisco-based recruitment firm, The Collective Search, Sam Marelich spends his days creating opportunities and opening doors for his clients in the tech world. Although, if it wasn’t for a few very useful coffee meetings, he may not be where he is today.

Siddhant Shirole

"The programme makes me feel productive, helps me to understand the culture here in New Zealand and makes me feel like a part of the community."

Alex Johnson

"I was drawn to the MBM because it was a one-year master’s degree that covered 12 business and management subjects. The programme offered practical experiences and insights into real world business realities"

Jacinda Ardern

Public Relations
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern completed a Bachelor of Communication Studies at Waikato Management School in 2001.

Rachel (Jiaxin) Li

"“I’ve received a lot of support from the University, since the border restrictions meant I couldn’t study on campus, including problem-solving with my visa and my course choices,” says Rachel."

Wietske Olthuis

Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management
"My studies gave me an array of skills across different aspects of management, from communication right through to finance. These can be applied to so many areas of everyday working life."

Molly McGregor

"Go for it! CUP and the student advisors have strengthened my decision to attain a higher education. The support systems at Waikato University are there to help you so bring your passion, your drive and a willingness to learn."

Dylan Wilson

Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management
"I’ve always known that I wanted to do a management degree at Waikato, because it suits my personality so well. I really enjoy talking to people and trying to solve problems. I was considering going to university in Auckland, but I’d heard really good things about the four-year Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree here in Hamilton; that it was well regarded by employers and includes a practical work internship; so that had a big influence on my decision."

Xiaokun Deng

"The University of Waikato is fantastic because of the resources and help they provide through student services. The assistance you get as a student here exceeded my expectations."

Te Aorangi Murphy-Fell

Finance, Māori Language/Te Reo Māori, Strategic Management
"I knew that Waikato had a good reputation for caring about tikanga Māori and Māori students, so that was a big pull for me. The Management School also has a great reputation. For me, my career and life goals are not focused on making money; that’s just a by-product of doing work that is valuable in its own right. I'd like to contribute to the development and strengthening of the Māori economy, which is set to get even bigger in the future."

Norah Guan

"Waikato Management School has a prestigious reputation internationally and the courses are very well regarded."

Tom Leslie

Accounting, Chinese
"I wanted to study business because it’s an area that has always interested me; it opens the door to a lot of different career options. My family runs a logging business in Whangarei, and when I left high school I started up my own labour contracting business."

Mercedes Isasmendi Escudero

"I am a biochemist and after seven years of working in a laboratory, I started to feel interested in working in other areas of a company. I realised that to do that, I needed to gain new skills and new insights into how companies work in our highly globalised world."

Jed Mark Del Castillo

Jed Mark Del Castillo completed an internship with a New Zealand business as part of his MBM degree, and took part in the University of Waikato-led Market Insights Project.

Guillermo William Revelo

"Studying at Waikato not only gave me academic knowledge, but it also helped me discover my potential as a leader and my passion for community work."

Alana Scott

Strategic Management
Alana Scott is the owner-manager of A Little Bit Yummy, a business that works to create simple, yummy recipes for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome.

Anthony Baker

Anthony Baker beat 140 other applicants to be selected for a graduate role at Zespri, the global kiwifruit exporter. Now he's working for Zespri's international marketing team and travels the world with his job. So what made him stand out from other candidates? Anthony believes it was his MBM degree from Waikato that made all the difference.

Louis Wilks

Marketing, Strategic Management
"The really great thing about Waikato University is the people, the lecturers, and all the friends you make."

Olivia Leckner

Marketing, Public Relations
"In my job, I get to contribute to the planning and implementation of strategies and I'm also learning a lot about risk and reputation management, media relations, and public relations strategy."

Monica Helbano

Leadership Communication, Public Relations
"Studying at Waikato University gave me a solid footing for getting into the professional world."

Anna Caudwell

Accounting, Economics
The business degree at Waikato involves so much group work which helps you learn how to work with others to achieve a common goal, rather than competing against others – I think this aligns really well with working in the real world.

Nitika Bothra

Becoming a data analyst was Nitika’s number one goal when she left India to study a master's in business at Waikato University. Her hard work has paid off. She now works as an asset data analyst for Watercare Services Ltd in Auckland.

Luke Dingle

Finance, Strategic Management
He’s a financial adviser by day, and a champion powerlifter by night. In his role as an associate at PlanWise in Mount Maunganui, Luke Dingle gives professional financial advice to clients about personal insurance and mortgages.

Ella Tappin

Ella Tappin is well on track to fulfilling her ambition of becoming a chartered accountant since graduating as Waikato's top accounting student in 2013.

Tayla Carson

Tayla Carson already has her first job lined up after finishing her Master of Business and Management. She’s moving to the South Island to work as a resource consent manager for Invercargill City Council.

Marina Doretto

"I did some research and found out that Waikato Management School had partnerships with other good business schools in Brazil, and they also had Triple Crown accreditation, so I thought, why not?"

Emily Gallagher

Marketing, Public Relations
"One minute I was learning how to write press releases in class, the next I was writing them in real life for the University!"

Shilpi Sharma

Business adviser Shilpi Sharma says the Waikato MBM opened doors for her in the business world and equipped her to become a leader.

Mark Wilson

High-flying BMS alumnus Mark Wilson is CEO of Aviva, the UK"s largest insurance company, with 34 million customers worldwide.

Jamie Carson

Strategic Management
"Studying Strategic Management at Waikato has given me an excellent set of tools to help navigate the uncertainties of new business."

Gina Millar

Digital Business
"[The Master of Digital Business is] a huge advantage in the job market, because I'll be more qualified than most other people applying for the same positions."

Lucas de Jong

Public Relations
"With BBC World News, you're working on the biggest stories in the world. So I bounce around a bit, producing stories, editing, doing voice-overs, even overnight reporting. I really love being out in the field, seeing stories unfold in front of me."

Waylon Kenning

"I thought about doing an MBA, but I really wanted a programme focused on how business and IT relate to each other, and the MDigiBus really fits the bill in that respect."

Rebecca Foote

Public Relations, Strategic Management
Rebecca Foote absolutely loves her job as a communications advisor for SKYCITY Entertainment Group in Auckland. “It’s a really varied, cool role. My role is on the promotion and internal communication side of things; to protect and promote SKYCITY’s brand to media, council, government and other key stakeholders," says Rebecca.

Saul Wells-Lakeland

Saul Wells-Lakeland decided he wanted to work in the corporate work after finishing his social sciences degree – and the Master of Business and Management proved to be his ticket to success. Mid-way through the course, Saul secured himself a graduate sales and marketing role at a global health company in Auckland.

Libby Baron

Public Relations
Libby Baron is loving the opportunities and lifestyle in Queenstown since she graduated from a BCS degree at Waikato, majoring in public relations.

Keerthana Suresh

“Studying the MBM was a fantastic experience,” says MBM graduate Keerthana Suresh, who is now living in Wellington, New Zealand. “As an international student, I felt at home and protected at Waikato Management School.”

Lucia (Yin) Liu

Lucia Liu is riding high on life since completing her Master of Business and Management at Waikato. Originally from China, she is thrilled to have found a job at Comvita, a health and beauty products exporter based in the Bay of Plenty.

Ebony de Thierry

Master of Management Studies graduate Ebony de Thierry says "digital marketing is massive at the moment", and she's enjoying her new career as a digital marketing manager in London.

Rashmi Singh

Originally from India with a degree in engineering, Rashmi Singh was looking for a comprehensive one-year management course to help her grow into a future business leader. Waikato had the strong reputation and Triple Crown accreditation she needed.

Rachel Leinhardt

Hospitality Management, Tourism Management
Rachel Leinhardt has a great passion for the tourism industry, having been immersed in it from a young age.

Razel Blaza

With a biology degree under her belt, Razel Blaza felt it was time to ditch the white lab coat and work more closely with people. The Waikato MBM degree enabled her to launch a new career in the world of business and marketing in only one year.

Ruan Nunes

Economics, Human Resource Management
Ruan Nunes loves being able to work outdoors all summer as the manager of several kiwifruit orchards. He says his Bachelor of Management Studies degree from Waikato gave him the confidence to believe in himself and the decisions he makes.

Ruth Venter

While studying accounting, Ruth Venter realised that what she really cared about was sustainability. She ended up doing a masters thesis on carbon reporting by not-for-profit organisations, and now works as an environmental sustainability consultant.

Samuel Mackenzie

"My MBM study helped me every step of the way; I haven't looked back."

Anne Blakeway

Studying for an MBA had been on Anne Blakeway’s bucket list for more than a decade, and the programme at Waikato Management School “more than delivered” on her expectations, she says.

Akiv Rohekar

Hailing from Pune, the educational capital of India, Akiv had a clear picture in mind about where he wanted to study for his masters degree - Waikato Management School.

Bjarne Frederiksen

Applied Computing, Electronic Business
Bjarne gained hands-on experience at Digital Stream, a multi-media development company in Hamilton, while still completing his electronic commerce degree at Waikato.

Blake Johnson

Blake Johnson has landed his dream job as a project coordinator for Fletcher Building in Auckland, and he credits Waikato's MBM degree for getting him there.

Deep Rastogi

Deep’s love of travelling and meeting people from different cultures made him a prime candidate to study for his masters, as an international participant.

Michael Sparrow

After completing the Master of Business and Management (MBM) at Waikato University, Michael has now found his dream job as a business analyst for Air New Zealand.

Courtney Stayte

Public Relations
Regular business trips to Melbourne, holding the Melbourne Cup Trophy and sampling food created by top celebrity chefs are just a few perks of the job for Bachelor of Communication Studies graduate Courtney Stayte.

Nick Robertson

"I enjoyed studying Economics at high school, so after taking ECON100, Business Economics and the New Zealand Economy, I was certain this was what I wanted to major in. It gave me the confidence and skills to deal with large amounts of data and to deliver insights through the analysis of numbers."

Linzi Gao

Linzi Gao is an international student from Sichuan, China who is motivated to build a successful career for herself as a Chartered Accountant and start a new life in New Zealand.

Jarrod Saxton

Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management
Jarrod Saxton is a self-confessed “daredevil in business” who gets a thrill out of running his own start-up company, Kita, which uses innovative technologies to improve the sport of rowing.